Your website’s community pages are important because they feature your primary areas of service.

Community pages work as secondary landing pages which drive more traffic to your website.

Because of this, you need to ensure that your community pages are only informative, but catch the attention of your website visitors.

Here are three ways for you to maximize your community pages.

Use Eye-Catching Local Area Images

One of the first things your website visitors will see when they land on your community page is an image of the community itself. Your local area image should be a good representation of the community as a whole.

Use a photo that best expresses the best parts of your community (especially the homes in that community).

Additionally, don’t limit yourself to just one photo. If possible, use two or three photos for your community page. Here are some types of photos we suggest you use for your community page:

  • A beautiful shot of your community’s welcome sign and its surrounding
  • Beautiful homes in your community
  • Parks and other recreational areas
  • Places of attraction such as stadiums, museums, statues, etc…

Remember, a single photo tells a thousand stories. You can capture your prospect’s attention by a well-placed, attractive local area photo.

Videos! Put them on your page!

It’s no secret that videos are the most in-demand form of media today, and would work great on your community page because it will tell your website visitors more about your community in a few minutes than any other form of media would.

Here are some video ideas that would be great for your community page.

An aerial or drone video of your community. This will be great to showcase how large the community is in terms of land area, and it also gives the viewer a glimpse on the distances between the residential and commercial areas in your community.

A vlog-style video featuring places of interest, parks or homes. This gives a street-level view of your local area, showcasing not only the places, but in some cases also the people in your community.

An informational video about the community. Although not as appealing or interesting as the previous types of videos, this kind of video will still catch the attention of prospects, especially the home buyers who are very detail oriented when it comes to buying a home.

Good Community Description Write-ups

While images and videos are great visual aids to show how awesome your community is, your written content is still your community page’s bread and butter. You may get people’s attention with your videos and images, but what makes them stay is the written content on the page.

Here’s a good thing to remember when writing community descriptions: Less is Better.

The more information you can provide in less sentences, the more your visitors will be encouraged to read them.

Designing and building eye-catching, informational community pages are effective ways to market your local areas of service.

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