Why does the word “blogging” make a lot of people shutter like you’ve asked them to write a term paper or college dissertation?

Was a blog post meant to be long and boring? Certainly not. And since you decided to be a Realtor instead of the next Ernest Hemingway, we can understand your reticence at having to sit and compose something that even YOU would not read.

It’s important because it works! If there’s one thing that I continue to repeat to my real estate clients over and over and over, it is that blogging is one of the most effective ways to attract prospects to your real estate website, and you need to be doing it at least weekly.

Blogging helps your Real Estate website achieve a higher ranking on search engines. The key to search engine ranking is information-rich content being added on a consistent basis. Blogging is the ideal format for publishing information on the Internet, and it’s really easy to update a blog. It’s truly like writing an email only it’s to the whole world. It’s even as simple as a short Facebook post.

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