MLS / IDX Features


We are proud to offer the MLS data services of iHomefinder, a leader in IDX technology that turns your site into a supersite. Below are many services we offer with all Silver, Bronze and Platinum packages:

General System Features

  • Complies with all MLS/IDX rules and regulations
  • Blends into any HTML web site by any designer (Frames not required)
  • Data and Photos updated daily from all included MLS systems
  • Automatically posts all MLS cities into the search paramaters
  • Can blend multiple MLS databases into the search and email functions
  • Company/agent can modify own listings, change photo, enhance description, and add photo and virtual tours
  • Company/agent control email notifier clients
  • Featured property function automatically posts listings from the MLS to the web site With thumbnail photos or not
  • Displays single family/condo, lots and land, mobile homes and 2-4 unit buildings separately, what ever types of properties supplied by the MLS system
  • All contact information goes back to company/agent
  • Fast, accurate, simple

MLS IDX Property Search

  • Search Single Families, Condos, Lots and Land, Mobile Homes, 2-4 units (if provided by MLS).
  • Does not require a password; visitor can do search anonymously, without giving up personal information.
  • Data and Photos updated daily from all included MLS systems.
  • Easy to use, one page search interface. Anyone can easily understand how to use it.
  • All properties have an email response box that will email you if a user is interested in a property.
  • Standard search functions include: city or zip code, minimum/maximum price, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, minimum square footage, with or without thumbnail photos.
  • Company/agent listings displayed first in search results (if any in the search parameters).
  • Custom list of cities to search can be created through browser administration program.
  • Provides search results in groups of 10, with links to full display.
  • Results list can be emailed by clicking link at bottom of the display.
  • Results can be display with an initial large photo format or directly to detail page.
  • MapQuest map attached to all listings that have a full address, can be detached if necessary.
  • All IDX listings have email response box attached that emails you.
  • Email responses can go to more than one recipient at once.
  • Payment calculator attached to each IDX listing if desired.
  • Calculator link can be changed to link to in house or approved lender.
  • Link to Great provided on each property.
  • Printable flyer function with company/agent contact information included.
  • Can accommodate ShowingAlert, the on line appointment scheduling program from ShowingTime.
  • Advanced search functions, (where MLS data available) can include age of home, lot size, garage, pool, fireplace, waterfront,Thomas bros. map coordinates.

Daily Email Updates

  • Automatically emails buyer/subscribers with new listings that match their custom settings.
  • Operates daily (where daily data is available from MLS).
  • Emails are sent to your subscribers with your email address and contact information.
  • All links on the email lead back to your website.
  • Integrated seamlessly with our Property Organizer to let your clients manange their property search on your website.
  • Can be setup for Single families, Condos, Lots and land, Mobile homes, 2-4 units (where data is available from MLS).
  • Can be set so that a phone number is required before system accepts signup.
  • First outgoing email when client signs up sends all currently available listings.
  • Captures the client information when they sign up and sends to company/agent.
  • Client’s email addresses can be exported to email or contact management programs.
  • Email address data base can be mined to match new listings the company/agent may have.
  • Captures a list of properties client looked at and records this in administration section.
  • Can “cc” the host company/agent if desired.
  • Easy for client to cancel or modify from each received email.
  • Company/agent has control of outgoing messages. Messages can accommodate HTML code, logos and photos
  • Records dates when clients get email of new listings.
  • Records listings that client looks at when they receive the updates.
  • Keeps over-all statistics of email clients, click throughs, and gross numbers of outgoing emails.

Property Organizer

  • Password protected folder where visitors can save listings. (Site owner can elect to use password on folder or not)
  • Allows your clients to save properties they like and maintain a list of potential property matches.
  • Allows your clients to do custom searches and save the settings.
  • Allows your clients to manage their daily email subscription(s).
  • A great tool for agents to stay on top of what their clients are interested in.
  • Site owner can view organizer activities from admin section.
  • SAVE links next to all listings in our system, which prompt user to sign-up for a Property Organizer, are a great lead generator.
  • Keeps your clients coming back to your website as their central home search organization tool.
  • Links from Daily Email Updates automatically logs subscribers into their property organizer on your website.

Featured Properties

  • Display your companies listings automatically. Data is pulled out of the MLS database based on your office/broker codes.
  • Customize your own listings with links to virtual tours, photos tours, custom description, open house information, and more.
  • Display your Sold/Pending listings on your featured properites page or on a separate solds gallery page.
  • Listing automatically added to company/agent administration section for modification.
  • Inactive listings automatically added to company/agent Sold/Pending list in the admin section allowing company/agent to add these back to web site.
  • Company or agent can customize their own listings: change the photo, add or modify the property description, add a link to a virtual tour, add a photo tour of up to 12 photos with captions, add a flash tour, post a property report or disclosure package, detach the MaqQuest map if necessary, add open home information, and more.
  • All tools controlled by company/agent through browser-based interface.

Open Homes

  • Create an open homes page for your listings. Past open homes drop off the list automatically.
  • Open house tool creates open house banner with date and can accommodate multiple dates.
  • Easy to use Administration section makes adding/managing your open home easy.

Other Popular Tools

  • Mortgage Calculators, Email Contact Page, Schedule a Showing, Virtual Tours List, and more.

System Administrator

  • Our Administration Section makes managing your site easy.
  • Manage your email update subscribers and get up-to-date statistics.
  • Customize your listings with virtual tours, photo tours, and more.
  • Manage all of your account branding and customization.

Agent Roster System (Broker/Office Accounts Only)

  • Agent roster program, creates agents rosters, individual agent bios for each company agent, with agents personal listings displayed, and Agent Control Panel for each agent.
  • Agents have section in email notifier program where they can monitor their own client’s activities.
  • Can accommodate multiple offices with rosters for each
  • Company can assign an agent to a client who signs up without an agent, agent then gets all traffic from the client.
  • Roster can have office photos if desired.
  • Can create staff or management pages.
  • Multiple office roster layouts available.
  • Agents can redirect the roster link to their own web page.
  • Agent bio pages have contact information, photo, and HTML box for description.
  • Agent pages have agent’s personal listings based on personal MLS ID numbers.
  • Agent pages can, with broker’s permission, display agent’s pending and/or sold listings.
  • Agent can, with broker permission, modify own bio and own listings.
  • Agents have section in email notifier program where they can monitor their own client’s activities.
  • Email notifier program has dropdown list of company agents so visitor can attach their agent’s name to the property request (company must use our agent program for this feature).


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