Are you getting the most out of your IDXBroker subscription?


Do you know that IDXBroker offers so many tools for you to use to improve your online presence?


If you’re interested in learning more about your IDX tools, read on!

Simple and Easy-to-Navigate Dashboard

One of the best things about IDXBroker is how they make it simple and easy for their clients to find the tools that they need.

Watch the video below at to get acquainted with the IDXBroker dashboard and find the features that will help you use IDXBroker to the fullest.



Featuring Your Sold Listings


Do you know that IDXBroker has a feature that allows you to showcase the properties that you’ve helped sell?


This way, you can let your website visitors know just how great your services are and how many clients you’ve helped sell their homes already.


Before we continue, you must know that when a listing gets sold or undergoes another status (like pending, cancelled or expired), IDXBroker will send them to the “Off-Market” list. Here, they will have an “Unknown” status until you update them.


IDXBroker will remove listings that stay in an “Unknown” status for more than 60 days, so if you want to “show off” your sold listing, you will want to update it as soon as possible.


Showing your Sold listings is easy to do. All you have to do is to log in to your IDXBroker dashboard, open the “Listings” section in the left-side menu, and click on “Off-Market”.


Here, you will see all of the listings that have an “Unknown” status. To update the listing’s status, simply click on “Unknown” (a pop-up box will appear).

Select “Sold” from the drop-down list under “Status”, then click “Save Changes”. You can also input the sold value and date before you save.


After this, IDXBroker will move the listing from the “Off-Market” list to the “Sold/Pending” list, and it will display the listing on your website’s Sold/Pending gallery.

Frequently Asked Question: Why doesn’t the system ALWAYS show Sold Listings?

The answer is that not all Listings are created equal.

There may be times when you sell a bank owned or repo property that perhaps does not look as good meshed in with your high-dollar properties.

Or perhaps, a Lots/Land/Acreage listing that you would prefer not to display in your Sold Gallery.

This option allows you to display what you want with just a couple of clicks.


Lead Capture And Management Made Easy


Another fantastic feature that IDXBroker provides its users is the ability to capture and manage leads.

If you’re already using the lead capture settings in IDXBroker, you know how powerful they can be.

If you want to take things further, then IDXBroker has advanced tools ready for you.

To learn more about these advanced Lead Management services, please watch the video below at

Securing your online presence can be a big job, but with HoopJumper and IDXBroker as your technology partners, you’ll definitely have an easier path ahead.


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