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Do you consider yourself as the agent of choice in your area? An influential agent, an expert negotiator, or an agent specializing in a buyer’s or seller’s market? What makes you different, and what skills do you have that others don’t?

How you are perceived as a real estate agent establishes your own personal branding. Branding yourself means highlighting your unique traits, niche, or strategies. It helps people identify your signature style and make you stand out among other real estate agents.

Building a brand takes time and consistency.

How do you incorporate your personality into your brand? How does your logo look? Do you have an effective color scheme that you can call your own? Does your real estate website content agree with your branding? These are just a few items that you can tweak to make your brand stand out.

In Chapter 2 of Agent Revamp, we discussed how to phrase USPs or unique selling points using the word “UNLIKE”  and separate you from your competitors. You can use this for your real estate website marketing and make your brand shine.

Let’s review the example using restaurants as the subject:

“Unlike other burger joints that decide to save money by using frozen patties that have been sitting in a warehouse getting freezer burn and don’t taste very good, we use only grass-fed ground beef that is locally produced, not frozen, and delivered fresh daily – which means that our gourmet hamburgers are much healthier to eat, taste amazing, and will immediately become your family’s absolute first choice.”

See how it highlights the process of conducting the business and how it differentiates itself from other burger joints. It is a surefire win if you will let your prospects know what you are capable of, what you can offer, and how you do things differently.

Your real estate website is the cornerstone of all your marketing efforts. Be the brand and make all your efforts count with a strong USP.

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