A fresh coat of paint, clearing the clutter in the living room, adding a backsplash to the kitchen…these are things you might tell a seller to do to his home if it is not selling or if the feedback you are getting is less than desirable. You are their real estate agent. It is your job to tell them when something needs refreshing so they will get the results they desire.

We are a marketing and website company. We look at your website and other marketing materials in much the same way.

Does your website need a “fresh coat of paint”?

Is there “clutter” on your pages that need to be minimized or restructured?

Does your marketing need a “backsplash” to make it look more modern and up to date?

Does your website need to be “refreshed”?

Essentially, a website refresh would typically leave the core of your website’s functionality and code intact, but give it a new look. This could be something as simple as changing a few colors and redoing the home page, or it could be more drastic, like an entire new structure.

If your website is not capturing as many leads as you would like, then there are a few things you should look at. What would you like visitors to do? Fill out a form? Call you? If they do call you, how do you know that the lead came from your website?

Websites have changed over the past few years. We still need to have the MLS information available for searches, we still need to have a place to showcase our listings. However, websites need to have a simple call to action. There is so much information on the internet, if a visitor cannot easily tell what you do, and if it does not direct them to a specific call to action that is clear and compelling, they will go to another site that does.

When your sellers get “serious” about getting different results from listing their home, getting it sold, they call you and ask what can be done. You will give them advice about condition and price.

If you are serious about getting different results from your marketing, schedule a website analysis here.

Maybe your marketing needs a fresh coat of paint.