Your website should make you look good. 

It should make you look like a professional not like a starter agent using a generic site.
It helps you stand out from the “herd” of generic agents competing for the same business.

People will Google when they are given your name as a referral. Will they be excited, let down, or will they yawn and move on?

Your website should be professionally “branded” so that people will easily remember you and will stick in their mind. This means having a professional looking logo, color scheme and unique slogan or tagline tied to your identity. People will remember your look and feel before they’ll remember your name.

Your website should help your prospects know, like and trust you before they’ve ever met you because they’ve made a connection with you from your website. Just like you feel that you might know the people on your local TV news and find them credible because they continuously show their intelligence and their character in how they present the information they gave you in the exact same way through the photos, stories and videos that you present.

People that haven’t met you will see that your step above the above generic agent. This will lead them to read the about you page that should show not just how accomplished you are in the field of Real Estate, however, it should also show who you are in your personal life, your interests and your involvement in the community. All of these will give them a feeling of you as a person, how approachable, capable, confident and trustworthy you are. These qualities also encourages “come lists me calls”.

When you arrive for your listing presentation, the seller will feel they already know you and know you can get the job done.

IDX should be integrated and done the right way.

This gives prospects what they are looking for when they go online to look for homes. It should be click-click-click easy to find what they want, easy navigation and must have ready-made links to view desired neighborhoods instantly.

Your website should be fully mobile responsive.

The latest statistics shows that 65% of Internet users are searching for Real Estate on Mobile Devices and Tablets. So, your site MUST be optimized for mobile. Google now penalizes websites that are NOT Mobile responsive. What makes you look good to the human eye also makes you look good to Google.

So ask yourself…

Does your current website make you look good?

Or does it bore you to tears and everyone else who goes to it?

Ready to move ahead?

Perhaps this will be the day you look back on that you took action and changed the course of your career and your life for the better.

If not today, then when? You can really do this.


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