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Real Estate Agent Website

A Better Website for the Success-Driven Real Estate Agent

All real estate agents want to be successful, but it’s become more difficult to compete with the big iBuyer and home estimate super megasites. (You know who we’re talking about). Even experienced agents are frustrated. HoopJumper understands and has a unique strategy that has helped hundreds of agents level the playing field with a better website. Let us help you.

HoopJumper’s Website Success Plan


Unlike other real estate website companies, HoopJumper takes the time to find out about your needs in the amount of depth that is required to create an effective custom website for you during your Strategy Call with the key members of your HoopJumper Marketing Team.


Once the plan has been established, work will begin with the branding and artwork, and continue with the custom programing, IDX integration, SEO and revisions until the site is approved and ready to launch. Typical development time is about 3 weeks.


Effectively launching a new website involves more than just flipping the “ON” switch. Once your new website is created, a custom Launch Plan will be reviewed with you so you will know what to do next to get the most out of your new Great Real Estate Agent Website.

What’s Included in HoopJumper

Great Real Estate Agent Websites?

HoopJumper customizes websites with a unique visually appealing homepage focused on getting your ideal client to contact you, incorporates the best IDX Integration for the driving engine within your pages that provide a superior customer experience and helps with search engine optimization, all on a custom branded platform that is the cornerstone of ALL of your online and offline marketing.….
Custom designed and branded HoopJumper Great Real Estate Agent Websites, are just that…CUSTOM. These are not mass generated from a generic template that will cause you to look just like other agents. Instead, HoopJumper consults with you to help you identify your ideal client, discuss what kind of action you want them to take with you, and helps to create a unique brand and look that will represent you and attract your ideal client in your market.
We often say that your website should be the cornerstone of all of your marketing efforts. The two main reasons we say this is because your website is the one marketing piece that is 100% controlled by you and is the best place to capture buyer and seller leads.
Let’s face it, home buyers are not always ready to buy today, sometimes they need some nurturing. They often start their online searches months, or even a year, in advance so they can educate themselves on the market. Your website must be able to capture leads so you can nurture them during this educational process.
By having Superior IDX Integration built into your website, you will have what prospects doing research are searching for. This will keep them coming back to your site again and again. However, you MUST capture these leads so you can follow up with them and offer support. Lead capture must happen!
Your website should also be built search engine optimization from the ground up. There are many things that go into good SEO and we have an entire department focused on this for you so you do not have to learn it yourself or contract another company to do SEO for you.
Your Website should also be designed for future growth. It should be easy for you to add featured listings, team members, or anything. With HoopJumper, your site is not only designed to grow with you as you grow, we also offer our Premium Concierge Service (included in our monthly maintenance fee) where we will create pages for you – all you need to do is ask us. We take care of your website, so you can do what you do best, sell houses!
So what does a HoopJumper Great Real Estate Agent Website include? Because it is a CUSTOM website, it can include just about anything. If there is something that you want to have on your website, we can most likely do it, we have been designing websites since the mid 90s! What we will do is help you determine what will be the best things to include on your website in order to attract more of your ideal clients, how to present that information and where to place it so it is most effective and fits into your budget.

Who Needs a HoopJumper Real Estate Website?

Top Producing Agents

(or those who want to be!)

Growing Real Estate Teams

Independent Brokers

Agent Testimonials

Angela May

“If you’re thinking about getting a new website, don’t waste valuable time with a “starter” website. My HoopJumper site is hands down the best investment I’ve ever made! They always give their clients 150% on every conceivable level.”

Steve Bradley

“My site consistently generates leads and business. It’s nice to know my web team is staying up on the trends, social media and the constant adjustment the search engine giants are making. I recommend their services at every opportunity.”

Maria Hoffman

“HoopJumper provides a very high level of service, and continue to help me with special requests far beyond what customers might typically expect to receive, in any business. Now I understand their company name: Hoop Jumper! It fits!”

Website Options

Website Revamp

Update your current website with a targeted message to your core audience with a good lead capture system

Fully Branded Custom Website

HoopJumper Winning Website 100% customized for you, your market and your ideal client

Top Agent Done-For-You Services

If you are a busy agent, team leader or broker and want HoopJumper to handle things like Social Media Marketing, Blogging, SEO, and more so you can just do what you do best…sell Real Estate

What does a real estate agent website cost?

How many buyers and sellers are you not reaching? How many people are not contacting you via your website? How much money and time are you wasting trying to do your own website yourself?

What’s My Investment?

  There is no cost for our initial consultation.
  We will review your current website and determine why it is not producing leads for you.
  We will create an analysis of your needs and discuss our Website Revamp or Custom Site options that fit into your budget.

Because everything we do is custom, we do not have a set “package price.” In most cases, your entire investment into a great real estate agent website could be paid for with less than one commision check from one lead from your new website.

Request a free copy of our Amazon #1 Bestselling book “Agent Revamp” and break out of your business slump!


What Makes HoopJumper Different?

Unlike other templated website companies that are not able to create anything but a generic looking website for you, HoopJumper drills down with you to find out who your target client is and clarifies your marketing message for them.

We have helped hundreds of successful agents (many who started with us as newer agents that had the drive to create a successful business) create that dream business and lifestyle we all dreamed about when starting Real Estate. ….
We have helped agents expand and become teams and some have even created independent brokerages.
The reason we are uniquely qualified is because of the rich experience from our team. We have been successful agents and ran top producing teams.
We know what works and what doesn’t.
We have been creating websites since the beginning of the internet. We have changed and evolved with the world wide web.
We have young talent on our team focusing on the latest in design, programing, branding, copywriting, SEO, Social Media and internet marketing.
We have been around for many years and we will support you and help you as your business grows.
We are NOT just a website company. We are a marketing company that has been creating the Best Real Estate Agent Websites for almost two decades. And we are here to help you create the business you dreamed of when you first started in real estate.