Why is HoopJumper’s Dominator The Best Real Estate Website in the Industry?

Around the country, real estate markets have begun to re-emerge. Just this week, the home price forecast was upgraded (again) according to the latest survey of economists by the Wall Street Journal. The national home price is expected to finally rise this year while housing starts are expected to jump 23%. Savvy Realtors are themselves also re-emerging and are now ready to get back into the game.The agents I have spoken to in city after city are telling me that the last few months of home sales have been the best they ve seen in years.

Since 2008, many people either got out of the business or slowed their Internet marketing efforts to the point of dusty stagnation. The truth is that the ways of just a few years ago will no longer bring the same results they once did. Many new paradigms have come to the forefront such as the dominance of Social Networks and Google’s new algorithms like Panda and Penguin, which make content creation and distribution a must like never before. Now that the rules have changed, are you going to be ready to ride this new wave?

The good news is that there could not be a better time for a real estate professional to jump back into the game as right now. And there is not a better online real estate marketing system to help you navigate these new frontiers than the new Dominator!” Supersite from HoopJumper∆.

What is The Dominator?
The HoopJumper v.4 Dominator is an integrated collection of different Internet marketing systems all put together with the intention to help you dominate  your real estate market. The HoopJumper Dominator is a 24/7 go-to destination for homebuyers, a sparkling branded professional marketing site for sellers, and a huge SEO content site for the search engines to go crazy indexing all of the pages it will produce.

One Command Center
The HoopJumper Dominator introduces the latest web technology with social networks, blogging, video marketing and MLS full functionality to an easy to operate command center.

“HoopJumper has managed our web presence for over 10 years and through their cutting edge technology has kept my company growing through the years. Thanks HoopJumper for taking care of client integration from my website and for making my business recession proof!”
~Valerie Caro, Flagstaff, Arizona

Custom Designed Artwork promoting your personal brand
With the HoopJumper Dominator you get a distinctive, fresh looking, affordable custom web site design that makes you stand out from your competition and impresses your visitors. Presenting a professional, yet personal, image of your business is crucial for building and enhancing your online identity and promoting your brand.

“Within 5 months of launching my HoopJumper website, I was so busy I had to hire an Assistant and a Buyer’s Agent to keep up with the steady flow of leads. Now, I’m in the top 1% for home sales in my area. HoopJumper is BRILLIANT!”
~Angela May, Omaha, Nebraska

Integration of Social Networking accounts
HoopJumper Dominator understands the ‘viral’ nature of sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest and YouTube, and how they can be used to increase the ‘buzz’ for your business. The use of Social Media sites help establish the sense of community for your prospective clients, and are also a valuable and sometimes preferred communication channel for your customers.

The HoopJumper Dominator and our Social Network Branding and Integration Package is integrated with all your social networks and therefore your business will have presence on these marketing channels with a professional and consistent branded look and feel. And we make it easy to use.

The way HoopJumper branded all my social networks to look like my website, and then integrated them to automatically post from my new blog is absolutely space-age and saves me a lot of time and effort. 
~Susan MacEwen, Augusta, Georgia

Integration with MLS
Adding a MLS Search to your website will give your viewers one of many reasons to keep coming back to your website. HoopJumper knows that a surprising number of people search for homes by MLS number, street address, price range, subdivision name, condo development name, foreclosure and short sale status, or other criteria. If matching data is included in your site, it will get more traffic  lots more traffic  than sites without integrated listings.

HoopJumper has a way of making every listing in our MLS show up as a page under our domain name giving us thousands of different indexed pages in Google. No wonder we get so much traffic!
~Tego & Tracy Venturi, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Engage and Capture Leads
To generate leads online you need to drive traffic on your website. Once you have visitors on site, then the hard part comes to turn them into leads. The rich functions of HoopJumper like Home Search Tool, MLS listing and featured home etc convert browsing consumers into Leads.

“I had no idea what I was in for when I ordered my HoopJumper website. After just a couple of months so many leads came in it was like someone turned on a faucet! 
~Bryan Vogt, Swansea, Illinois

Mobile Smartphone Compatible
In real estate, the work-life balance tends to weigh heavily on the work side, but HoopJumper can actually help put your life back into the mix. Because our web technology is portable and works on any touch-screen mobile device or tablet, you actually have your business available at any time, right in the palm of your hand. The interface and actions you perform are lightning-fast, so you can literally manage your website while you wait in line for a cup of coffee.

The HoopJumper Dominator automatically detects if the visitor is using a standard mobile phone or a smart phone and loads a compatible mobile version of your website.

Custom-built Community Map
Home Buyers and Sellers LOVE to see maps. It s true. Most people are extremely visual and as they say a picture is worth a thousand words.  The Dominator Supersite has a general map of map on your Home Page showing the outlines of all communities in your area for spontaneous clicking over to its dedicated Community Page.

“I used the website at a listing appointment tonight. We were touring the home, stepped into their home office and I asked, are you online?  Yes, they replied. I asked them to go to our St. Cloud homes web site. They clicked on the city map which went directly to my site, then turned to me and asked, Are you serious? Is this your web site?  THEY LISTED ON THE SPOT. The listing presentation ended right there. All I can say is WOW thanks again! ”
~Tami DeLand and Steve Hansen, St. Cloud, Minnesota

Easily add content to your website
HoopJumper has created their new Dominator site using the established and familiar WordPress infrastructure as its skeleton, and building on it an impressive cadre of handpicked and customized options, all geared to make your online experience as an administrator and your prospective clients  experience rich, easy and enjoyable.

Manage it from anywhere without being a geek
The HoopJumper Dominator is browser-based and doesn t need any HTML editing or FTP software. That means that you can login from any computer and manage your site easily.

Unlimited Pages and Blogs You Can Create Yourself
HoopJumper s web technology will make you a dominator  to let you create as many pages on your website as you can create. Adding content to your Website is as easy as logging in, typing your post, adding a keyword-rich title and hitting the publish button.

Multiple Direct Response Hooks on every page
Visitors to your website can leave comments on individual pages and blogs

Importance of Blogging
Blogging and content syndication is an extremely important process of the web marketing process. HoopJumper build blog as an essential part of your website. You could blog about basic items like your latest listings, reduced prices on a listing, your latest sale, or the current state of your local real estate market. Potential buyers that don’t currently live in your area really need your help in getting to know the area, and that’s where your blog can help them.

HoopJumper made my Blog and encouraged me to use it. I’m not buying leads or paying for clicks, just natural SEO competing against huge companies dumping lots of money for placement to see which one of us gets to the top of page one. HoopJumper SEO and blogs are the best!
~Gary McNinch, Renton, Washington

Spam protection
Out of the box, The Dominator comes with very robust tools such as an integrated blacklist and open proxy checker to manage and eliminate comment spam on your website and blog. This is in addition to full use of word verification software on every inquiry form, including for your Top Producer account.

“I could not be more pleased. This was a great experience and I would highly recommend HoopJumper to anyone that is looking to “think out of the box” and make your business more productive.”
~Francine Kitkowski, Marinette, Wisconsin

Auto Email updates
HoopJumper Dominator provides a comprehensive subscription management system for your website that sends email notifications to all that signup when new listing match their personalized criteria.

Multiple Team Members
your HoopJumper Dominator website allows up to 10 levels of users, with different levels having different (and configurable) privileges with regard to publishing, editing, options, and other users.

Honest prices, no surprises.
Savvy agents easily spend tens of thousands of dollars to develop a fully integrated Internet marketing system like this, but you won’t have to. HoopJumper has developed it for you and is offering it at a fraction of the cost. And for your convenience, the setup charge can be split into 2 or 3 monthly installments.

“My HoopJumper website has paid for itself many times over already. My only regret is not signing up sooner!”
~Jen True, Mankato, Minnesota

Certified Success
Don’t take our words for it. Check out what our successful clients are saying about their experience with us.

We found HoopJumper who created custom real estate websites that didn t fall into the cookie cutter generic category. After speaking to Angela May from Omaha (who gave them a glowing review) I took the leap. I m SO glad I did. 
~Tego & Tracy Venturi, Albuquerque, New Mexico
“I can’t explain in words how wonderful it was working with HoopJumper. Not only did they create a wonderful website, they also developed an entirely new military base business niche for me from scratch! I never would’ve thought of half the ideas that HoopJumper put into my new Internet presence, but now I think I have the best real estate website in my entire area. Thanks HoopJumper!”
~Lisa Racca, Tacoma, Washington
“As a real estate broker with a small team, it is important to continue image branding and to generate new business. When creating my website, I spent several months thoroughly searching for, evaluating, and comparing numerous website design firms. Ultimately, I selected HoopJumper, and I can honestly say that it is one of THE BEST decisions!
~Greg Rayford, Atlanta, Georgia
“I cannot say enough how I appreciated everyone s patience and time he spent with me, the technically adequate person as we were launching our new site. They all went above and beyond and were always there to help with any problems or questions we had. Thanks again HoopJumper! ”
~ Fitzy O’Hare, Wasilla, Alaska
The brochure company who put up our first site kept telling us that we should only concentrate on sellers and not focus on buyers (Bad advice). Well, our HoopJumper site has flooded us with new buyer leads weekly and we’ve been converting them.
~Mike and Melody Vanderhoff, Cumming, Georgia
I find HoopJumper to be creative, original and willing to spend time with me to explain how things work. So much of the new technology is foreign to me yet no one there ever makes me feel inadequate or behind the times! 
~Jacqui Jeffress, Denver, CO
Professional, state-of-the-art, and fast. HoopJumper is always looking at how to stay ahead of the curve. This is my fourth website with HoopJumper, and I wouldn’t go with anyone else.”
~Bob Edmonson, Dallas, Texas

About the Founder
HoopJumper Founder and President Brett Miller has been creating Internet websites since the dawn of the industry in 1994. As one of the first beta testers of Adobe’s Page Mill, the original software for creating websites, Brett was a local pioneer in web design and was quickly scouted by a local Internet Service Provider to become their first Director of Website Development. This led to being recruited to create the Internet division for the nation’s top niche advertising agency specializing in personal real estate agent marketing. Brett s tenure there led to the Web Division growing into the top three most profitable departments in the agency.

In 2005, Brett Miller, with other leaders in the real estate field, opened HoopJumper. Their motto then, as it is today is “We jump through hoops so you won’t have to.” With a focus on personal service and a creative flair, HoopJumper has seen its business grow in an era when other companies have had to fold up shop. Now with the Dominator!”, HoopJumper∆ is poised to reach new levels as they offer The Best Real Estate Website in The Industry.