Realtors: 3 Things You Should Start Doing NOW to stay ahead of the competition!

Realtors: 3 Things You Should Start Doing NOW to stay ahead of the competition!

The World Wide Web is going to have another major shake up soon as Mobilegeddon is about to be unleashed by Google.  What is Mobilegeddon?  Mobilegeddon is the phrase that has been coined to describe the day that your website’s level of “mobile-friendliness” begins to matter to Google. On April 21, 2015, Google will officially add “mobile-friendliness” as a worldwide ranking factor.

We, at HoopJumper, could forecast something like this coming over a year ago when the tipping point occurred and more people started using their phones or tablets than desktops or laptops to view the web.

That is why we have been building our websites and teaching our clients these three things:



The biggest challenge in building an online presence is getting enough traffic. Find your audience through Social Media. Take advantage of images and photos! Now is the perfect time to entice your prospects with the beauty of your location. It’s also one of the best ways to interact with them, answer questions and post updates.



Being relevant is essential in real estate. We want to make sure we’re pursuing the right people. One of the things you need to focus on is targeting local keywords. Write blog posts about the community you’re targeting. Don’t just write about the property you’re selling. Instead, write about events, tourist spots, recreational activities that make your community a good place to live in. Be an expert that people can go to.



Word is out! The revolution is finally here. Mobile is becoming bigger than the traditional desktop computer. Take Google’s word for it and get yourself a Responsive Website. Check out this report we made about “The 9 Must Haves for a Responsive Real Estate Website”. If you won’t, then your website might end up in the last pages of Google. And that can cost you your business. Make a long term investment now, and immediately reap the benefits as Google launches Mobilegeddon.

These trends are what we call SoLoMo. HoopJumper has been focused in giving Real Estate Agents a Social-Local-Mobile Optimized Website for a while now. Read more about this concept here. If you’d like a no-obligation consultation to look at your current website and discuss the options for getting a responsive real estate website to grow your business, contact HoopJumper today.