HoopJumper Packages

Realtors PackagesHoopJumper’s new website success system for real estate agents that combines the best of personal branding, responsive mobile technology, social media success strategies, powerful IDX integration, and a training and support staff ready to jump through hoops to help you get the important stuff done. Here’s what’s included:

  • A Fresh New Advanced Responsive Design optimized for Mobile use using WordPress, the #1 platform for REALTORS® worldwide.

  • Enhanced Expert SEO – Google changes constantly and HoopJumper is on top of it making sure your website is search engine optimized fully from the ground up with the latest techniques ensuring you are not sent to the back of the line.

  • Custom Logo Design – Brand yourself like a professional with your own personal logo that you can use to become a local institution.

  • Integration with the Best IDX system to display hundreds if not thousands of local MLS listings creating individual SEO pages under your domain name.

  • Best Website Hosting in the Nation from WP Engine, the #1 choice of Fortune 50 companies for protection from hackers and delivering faster webpages.

  • CRM Integration into most systems so all leads go directly into your database instead of having to manage multiple databases.

  • Local Community Focus that zeroes in on your targeted farm area with SEO pages for cities and neighborhoods with virtual mapping.

  • Custom Community Page Builder for creating SEO City Pages with video, maps and custom links to any category or listing. DIY or have us “jump through hoops” and make them for you.

  • Easy Content System so you or your assistant can add News/Photos to your site as easy as posting to Facebook using our Secret Virtual Blogging Assistant, a space-age system that puts News on your site automatically by emailing it to a special email address or using an app.

  • Automated Enewsletter System that sends out an automatically compiled email to your contact list every week keeping your list in the loop and keeping you top of mind with them.

  • Live Chat for prospects who want to ask questions now while they are on your site.

  • Fully Mobile Responsive since 68% of Internet users are searching using their Smartphone, and Google will now ONLY promote Mobile optimized websites.

  • Social Media Branding and Integration so that your website’s professional look and feel will be unified through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and more.

  • Automatically Broadcast to Your Social Profiles – Don’t post pictures and info directly to Facebook and bypass your website! Your new system will automate all your social media.

  • Custom Personal Brochure Design and a system you can print and mail brochures one-at-a-time to your prospects with the touch of a button.

  • Proven Follow-up System – Increase your sphere with a Relationship Management system that keeps your prospects and past clients remembering you and your special qualities.

  • YouTube Integration automatically posts your YouTube videos right to your website.

  • Expandable and Scalable for you to grow a team and maybe even become your own Company.

  • Additional Niche Content – Do you do Property Management? Offer Military PCS? Promoting New Construction? Whatever it is, we can add it to your site.

  • Done for You “Concierge” Service – Need a new web page created? Need to place a new Video? Our amazing staff is standing by to fulfill your request at no extra charge.


Since having even the world’s best website doesn’t guarantee that you will know how to use it, we have developed the Extreme Results program to help ensure your success. Even before your website is launched, our coaching and training staff will be focusing on your goals including:

  • Setting You Up for Success with a Plan – Our coaching staff will lead you through setting goals and creating a roadmap for your next 12 months. We’ll help you outline everything from your marketing plan, your production plan, your budget, and even your team growth.

  • Branding Consultation – We will meet with you and draw out the essence of who you are so we can reflect that in your branding, your website and all of your marketing.

  • Domain Consultation – What domain names are you using? Will it help you reach your goals? Do you need to speak with an expert to help you find and select the best search engine optimized keyword-rich domain name for the long run? All the good ones are NOT taken.

  • Train You to add Content to Your Website and Social Media the Easy and Smart Way – We will show you how to add content the easy way so you will do it, and so your website doesn’t go stale.Then making it automatically broadcast to your social media.

  • The Money is in “The List” – We will help you help you build your list and teach you how to use it to increase your business.

  • What Lead Generation Practices are Best for You? We will help you analyze what’s out there and decide what makes the most sense for you.

  • Sales Scripting – We have partnered with the world’s leading Sales Scripting coach, Eric Lofholm, to help you never be at a loss to how to respond.

  • Become “The Local Expert” by Writing a Book – We’ve already coached many Realtors like you though writing their first book. One client got $2 million in business from just dropping off 3 copies of his book. Our book became an Amazon #1 Best Seller. We will teach you to do the same.

  • Become a Master of Follow-up – Have you ever heard “The Fortune is in the Followup”? In the Accelerator package we set you up with one of the best follow up systems ever created.

  • Time Management – How do you do it all? A master coach will explain the process and help you create a plan to work smarter, not harder, and get more done.

  • Coaching – What if you could work with someone who has been a top agent? Someone who has built and run a successful team? How much more successful could you be if they could walk you down the same path towards the same goals?