Book Writing Academy

The HoopJumper Book Writing Academy was created for one reason:

To help motivated Realtors® write and publish a Best Selling book giving them  unquestioned credibility as a real estate expert with their book becoming the ultimate business card in helping them secure more listings.

We at HoopJumper have done this successfully for ourselves having written the #1 Amazon Best Seller “Agent Revamp: How to Break Out of Your Real Estate Slump and Explode Your Income!” which is now in its 2nd year as a Best Seller.

From our first “HoopJumper Book Writing Academy” Class of 2017, we had five authors go through a 15 week curriculum and support group where they learned how to write their book, go through the editing process, and then get it formatted for both their Print and Kindle editions.

After their books were successfully published, we laid out a promotional plan designed to give them Best Seller status on their first day.

All five of our Agents are now Amazon Best Selling authors.

One graduate of the course, Steve Bradley of Northern Virginia, tells how he dropped off 3 non-final proof copies of his book to different listing prospects. The (correct) impression of Steve’s expertise, based on him writing a definitive book on selling real estate in his market, resulted in him closing all three clients for approximately $2,000,000 is closed business.

Would that kind of added credibility and gravitas in your real estate business make a difference?

Yes, it would, because perception is reality.

HoopJumper offers the “Book Writing Academy” as part of its Extreme Results program, a training and coaching add-on to our Accelerator Website Success System for Real Estate.

Are you looking for more than just a cheap generic website that makes you seem cheap and generic? Or are you ready to step forward and make your mark locally as a recognized real estate expert and best selling Author?

If the answer is YES, submit the form to request more information about the Book Writing Academy and the rest of our services.

We look forward to speaking with you and seeing if the HoopJumper system is a good fit for you.