All Realtors need their own Mobile App

All Realtors need their own Mobile App

All Realtors need their own Mobile App!

It’s true! Think about how YOU use your mobile device. Do you go to your smartphone’s

mobile browser – Safari or Chrome – and type in the URL every time you use Facebook,

Yelp or read the news… or do you simply open the App for those services and start

using it within seconds? For me, it’s the app, hands down.


For this very reason, every realtor should have their own app to make it easy for buyers

in your market to easily search for available homes and request more information from



According to NAR’s 2017 “Real Estate in The Digital Age” Report – – 72% of home

buyers are using their Mobile device to search for homes including Millennials who

make up the largest percentage of any group in using Mobile to find not only their next

home but their next real estate agent! In fact, Millennials make up the largest group of

first time home buyers at 66%, followed by Generation X at 26%.


Now, imagine if YOUR app was now available on Apple iTunes or the Google Play store

for the next generation of home buyers to find and use!


Then imagine that you DON’T have an app but your competition does. Who will get all

that Millennial business?



Now, you don’t have to go without. We are proud to announce the release of

HoopJumper’s first app that takes the responsiveness of your mobile website and

places it in an app environment that takes second to download and launch on your













Download our new app for Brandon Borin of Baldwin County Home Finder in Fairport,

Alabama. Just go to the app store on your own mobile device and search for “Baldwin

County Home Finder.”

Or, here are the direct links:

For Apple Devices it’s available on the App Store.

For Android Devices get it on Google Play.



Most app development can cost you thousands of dollars in cost and time spent trying

to find the right developer and overseeing their work. And many of them charge you a

monthly fee that can add up to thousands of dollars over the life of your app. That’s a lot

of money and hassle, and perhaps why you don’t have an app already.


HoopJumper has a solution that will make your app available for an unbelievably low

price. Our regular cost for creating a mobile app is $997. Until February 14, 2018, you

can have your own app for just $497 with NO MONTHLY FEES. Just the one-time fee.

That’s less than half the price!


And, we’ll even throw in the iPad and Droid Tablet versions at NO EXTRA CHARGE

(reg. $399).


Here’s what you get:

– Complete contents of your existing Responsive Mobile Website

– Custom designed “Home Screen” for your mobile phone or tablet when launched.

– Logo Launch “Icon” that gets installed on your device.

– Registration with both iTunes and Google Play.

– Special promotional graphic and download buttons for your app installed into your




Since we will be developing these in the order received, order now using this Promo
Code: app50 (cAsE sEnSiTiVe) and for your $500 discount. (Expires Feb. 14, 2018)


Click here to order your App.


All the best,