website security, hoopjumper, websiteSecurity essentials are a very important part of your website.


Because your website is the cornerstone of your marketing, you need to make sure that it is always protected.


Website security essentials protect a website and its data from bot spam, hackers, malware and other online security threats.


Many website owners don’t become aware of all these online threats until they see their website messed up.


HoopJumper offers all the following enhanced Security features as standard on every account:


  • SSL Certificate
  • Monitors, alerts and cleans your site.
  • Advanced security protection 
  • Speed boost & built-in Caching
  • Automated Backup & Restore
  • Protection for unlimited pages within a single website.
  • Security analysts for advanced issues.
  • Advanced security monitoring.
  • Unlimited malware removal and hack repair.
  • 100% clean site – guaranteed.
  • CDN performance accelerator and Advanced DDoS mitigation.


For most website developers and hosting companies, website security is a service that you’ll need to pay extra in order to have.


It costs $29.99 per month regular, but at HoopJumper, we offer this at no extra charge as part of our monthly maintenance retainer fee.


HoopJumper doesn’t just build websites for our clients – we make sure your website is secure so you can have peace of mind, and get back doing what you do best – sell homes.


Looking for a holistic website development and hosting service that incorporates website security essentials at no extra cost?


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