blogging, 3 ways to blog, real estate, HoopJumperHave you been blogging lately?


Content creation is one of the most powerful ways for you to maintain your online presence.


If you don’t post blogs on your website, you’re less likely to acquire more leads because people won’t be able to find you among the sea of content there is in the Internet.


But Brett, you may say. Blogging is so difficult because I have to be in front of my computer when I’m doing it, instead of being outside and meeting my clients!

Or how about this: This is too technical, I don’t have time to learn all of the coding needed for blogging!


Here’s some good news for you: Blogging isn’t complicated!


In fact, there’s more than just one way to write and post blogs on your website – there are three!


Posting via your website


This is the most commonly known way of posting a blog – logging in to your website and using the blog editor.


Interestingly, this is actually simpler than you think it is. All you have to do is to log in to your 

website’s admin dashboard, go to Posts>>>Add New, and start creating your blog.


Just type your Title and Content, add a Photo, add some tags so they can be discovered much more easily on Google, and hit “Publish”.

But Brett, what if I can’t access my computer?


Posting via the WordPress App


Even if you’re not in front of your computer, you can still make posts using your phone via the WordPress App!


All you have to do is download the WordPress App, log in using your administrator credentials, and click on the post button.


Talk about blogging made easy!


But that’s not all…


Posting via the Secret Virtual Blogging Assistant


Did you know you can post blogs simply by sending an email?


Using the Secret Virtual Blogging Assistant, you can now simply write up and email, attach an image and send it to your dedicated email address and voila! Your blog is posted.


With these three simple options on blogging, why haven’t you started yet?


HoopJumper builds websites that not only look unique and responsive, but are also packed with functions like blogging that help hundreds of agents like you level the playing field.


Click here to setup a call with website marketing expert Brett Miller from HoopJumper and we will go over all the specifics so you can start taking advantage of these easy ways to blog and add more content to your website.