Is it time for you to have a new website?


On average, it takes 3-5 years for a website to stay engaging before visitors get tired of it.


Having your website redesigned should not be an after-thought or something you take lightly. Your website is your “office” online that prospects will gauge your tech savviness.


Also, home sellers will want to see how you choose to market yourself before you promise to market their most valuable investment.


Dollar for dollar, your personal website is smart money and should be the cornerstone of all of your marketing efforts.  


One reason is because your website is the one marketing piece that is 100% controlled by you and is the best place to capture buyer and seller leads.


Here are some things to help you consider getting a new website.


  1. Updating your website says a lot about your business’ brand and values. It helps convey the message to your ideal clients that your company is active, unique and healthy.
  2. An updated website helps you keep up with not just the ever-changing trends in design, but also with the evolving technology and ease of access, thus giving you the confidence to stay competitive in the market.
  3. Changing your website’s look also makes it easier for you to introduce a new service or marketing strategy. Your website should be designed for future growth.
  4. Getting a new website design lets you take advantage of modern integration functionalities that many older websites can’t connect with. Search engine optimization and social media integration are two very important areas of online marketing that should be taken care of alongside your website.


Are you ready to get your website revamped?


So what does a HoopJumper Great Real Estate Agent Website include?


  • A Clean and Sophisticated Look;
  • Personal logo for you in addition to your company broker logo
  • Customized rotating banners highlighting their individual local communities linked to their own SEO breakout pages
  • Zillow-like omnibar search ”above the fold” on homepage
  • Dynamic Featured Properties carousel
  • Redfin-like Wall of New Listings showing the latest in their market
  • Streamlined Communities and Drilled-down Neighborhood Pages
  • Super-optimized for Mobile and Tablet
  • 100% secure with HTTPS secure socket layer, now FREE with all sites
  • Facebook, Instagram and Zillow integration to help you dominate social media marketing as well


Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Contact us today if you need a revamp!


Whatever changes you need to make to your website, big or small, changing brokers, opening your own brokerage, whatever it is… we are here to jump through hoops for you!


Contact us today for a personal one-to-one marketing consultation to see how we could help you build the website you need!