Looking to have a great real estate agent website?


As a real estate agent, you want your business to be successful using the most efficient and effective tools possible.


With so many tools and services available for real estate agents to increase their online presence, there is often a huge amount of risk involved when availing of them.


A good example of this is your IDX feed.


How many real estate websites fail to catch potential clients’ attention simply because they can’t find the properties that they are looking for? Do you really want your potential clients to have to go to Zillow for their new listings information?


IDXBroker: The Cream of the Crop


There are a lot of 3rd party IDX services out there. Our preferred company IDXBroker stands out for several reasons:


Simple and Effective Search


The most effective tools are the simplest to use. IDXBroker’s simple Omnibar search seamlessly integrates with any system and can be placed anywhere on your website.


Customizing your IDX feed


IDXBroker allows its users to customize their IDX pages so they match the look and feel of their website.


The variety of customizable tools and options ensure that you can have your website reflect your identity as a real estate agent.


HoopJumper are experts at customizing the programming of IDXBroker’s tools and can make your real estate site into a Super-site!


SSL Pages that Instill Trust


IDXBroker has a robust SSL option for all of your pages which nowadays gives you an immediate advantage over your competitors without. If you do not have a secure SSL IDX solution, then anyone viewing your website will get a safety and security warning which is scary and bad for business.


Exceptional Lead Capturing


Easily turn your website visitors to leads using IDXBroker’s sophisticated lead routing system.


You can either add leads manually or create automated lead capture systems on your IDX pages to encourage your visitors to become leads. (HoopJumper offers this as a done-for-you service.)


As wonderful as IDXBroker is, you’ll need a great real estate agent website first to integrate this into.


HoopJumper customizes websites so they carry your brand and identity, and get your ideal client to contact you. Our seamless website IDX integration ensures that your website visitors are provided with the highest customer experience.


By having superior IDX Integration built into your website, you will have what prospects doing research are searching for. This will keep them coming back to your site again and again.


Are you ready to get more clients through your website?

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