Want to rank higher on Google?

Videos will help you get higher rankings in the search engines!

According to Alexa.com, out of 2 billion websites in the world, Google and YouTube hold the top two spots as the most visited websites.

Aside from having the same owners, Google and YouTube have also been designed so that more YouTube videos now show up on page 1 of Google Searches.

Not only that, but they are featuring videos in special Video Carousels on many search result pages that are larger and in the top half of every Page 1 if there is an applicable video to display there.

Often, they are putting these Video Carousels just below their paid Ads and ABOVE the organic search results that for real estate are over-populated with posts from Zillow, Trulia, Homes.com and Realtor.com


YouTube generates over $5 BILLION in revenue for Google every year. Not 5 MILLION… 5 BILLION dollars every year.

Why do you think they’re moving those videos into a video box above their other listings?

Because they want to encourage people to make MORE videos so they can deliver more content.

Why would Google want to do this?

So they can make more money on their ad revenue. How much more incentive do you need from Google? They’re almost bribing you with top positioning just for making videos they can include.


This creates a unique opportunity for a motivated REALTOR® such as you, to build better name recognition for yourself by creating lots of videos that cover every search term for your local market that you can think of and getting them up on YouTube.

What is the YouTube charge for uploading a video to their website?


And unlike paid Ads that come down after the money stops being paid to Google for an Ad, a video could be up there indefinitely.

That’s like having a billboard on a busy highway showing your face, brand and message for everyone passing by day and night for years, perhaps. That is a great deal.

And with a majority of potential leads depending on videos to find the homes that they want to buy, this begets another opportunity to get more visitors to your website.

By adding a link to your website in the YouTube video description area, with these videos making it to top pages of Google Searches, your website will benefit greatly from these “backlinks” with higher ranking for your website as well.

If you’d like to speak about starting a video marketing strategy to get better search engine ranking for your website, set up a free consultation with me at https://appointment.hoopjumper.com and we’ll see if this is a good fit for your business.