Does your market have a Military base or installation that attracts lots of PCS relocation every year?

Are you a Veteran or the spouse of a Veteran or active duty Military, or have helped Military people with their home buying or selling needs?

Do you have a plan or system in place for focusing on this very lucrative niche market?

For almost 15 years, HoopJumper has been helping Agents focus on their local Military niche with a variety of services and strategies.

I will cover quickly these easy strategies for being found and accepted as the best PCS knowledgeable Realtor in your market.


SEO Military Base Page(s)

First thing is to have a collection of search engine optimized pages for your local Base. These should include:

Base Resources Page with links to all important websites dealing with the move and everyday life in your area.

USP – Unique Selling Proposition:

This is an “action plan” list that you can write out in bullet points explaining what steps you will follow to lighten the Military family’s load as far as finding the homes, seeing the homes, doing the paperwork, and getting it all done within their needed timeframe. This should be easy to read, and include a Web Form at the bottom for the prospect to fill out and send to you for immediate follow up.

Military Relocation Worksheet Form:

Create a Short and Long version of a Military Relocation Worksheet for the prospect to fill out and send to you. The short form would be just a request for a call. The LONG form would have all of the needed information for a move. Often, this is a link you send the prospect after speaking with them.


Consistent Blog posts of any news about that Military base:

There are not that many places that news about a single base is being posted online. You have the opportunity to be the news source for a lot of people. Plus, when these interested parties are searching Google for information on this base, you could consistently come up high in those searches.


Research local industries and Contractors that do work for the Base:

Are there sub-contractors that service your Base? Who are they? How many people do they have moving to the area to work there? Have you contacted their Human Resources department to offer your services? Also, on your website, you could show a virtual map of available homes surrounding the company within a 10-mile radius, making a home search easy.



This is a big one. What are the 20-25 most asked questions every family has when transferring to your local base? Type those into Google and see what other popular questions are being asked. Then, one by one, write a complete detailed answer to these questions.

Once completed, have your webmaster add these individually as webpages on your website. You should also consider recording a video of each question and loading it up to YouTube, then embedding the video right into the FAQ page for that question along with the transcribed text.

Be sure to put a direct link to the FAQ page URL in the first line of the YouTube video’s description.


Creating a small Report on PCS Relocating to your local Base:

All of the above information should be collected into a Word Document as a Report. With this report, a keyword-rich title should be given to it, and a visually appealing cover created to make it a valuable Direct Response hook to offer prospects in exchange for them sending their contact information so the report can be emailed to them. After that, you must follow up promptly to answer any questions they may have.


Turn your small Report into an Amazon Best Seller (free):

Did you know that Amazon is the 4th highest ranking website in the United States? Did you realize that also makes it one of the top 5 search engines in the nation? People search for Did you know you can publish on Amazon for FREE? Your Word Document can be uploaded directly into Amazon along with the cover and a Kindle book will then be online and searchable in the Amazon system.

We helped Omaha Realtor Angela May write 2 books and publish them on Amazon. Now, when anyone types in her local base, Offutt AFB, Angela appears right there in the search results giving her a lot of credibility. We also set up a First Day of Release Campaign which helped elevate Angela’s book to “Best Seller” status, which she can use in her marketing. Imagine if you could say that you “wrote the book” on buying or selling a home for your local market specializing in PCS Military relocation. Talk about credibility! And you wouldn’t even need to have a Print version available!!


Videos on YouTube:

Above, we touched on a YouTube strategy. Now that you have your 25 FAQ’s answered and perhaps your first book published on Amazon, let’s fold these together into a series of Videos… one for every FAQ question and optimized for your city, base or market. Google wants to post a YouTube video for every search term on Page 1.

What’s great about YouTube videos on Page 1 of Google is that your thumbnail image will be there for everyone to see, and 87% of people searching Google will have their eyes drawn to an image that they will most likely click on to watch a video answer their question. Then you can say you are the author of your book, and at the end extend an offer for them to call you for a free PCS Consultation.


Landing Squeeze Page for every video:

Every video you create should be placed on a page on your website with a complete transcription of all words giving you SEO through the roof. Be sure to have an Info Request Form on the page to direct interested parties to.


Your Own Facebook Page for your Local Base:

Create a “Relocating to Your Base” Facebook page (Facebook is the #3 biggest search engine in the United States after Google and YouTube). Start posting EVERY bit of news and information about PCSing to your base and any and all Base news.

Then setup a Facebook Messenger account on that page that will go directly to you so you can reply to questions quickly.


Focused Facebook Ads to people liking your Local Base:

Once you’ve set up your Base Facebook Page, start a inexpensive Facebook marketing campaign giving away your Amazon Best Selling book about moving to your local Base targeted at anyone interested in your base or in Military relocation or Military families in general. Link it to your Squeeze Landing page and get that lead!


Follow-up Email Drip Campaign:

In your CRM, break up your report/book into easily read little chunks that you can send to anyone who has been added to your contact database. Perhaps, set up a free Mailchimp account that will send these subscribers a weekly email of compiled blog posts about the base with links to your website and other resources.


Done-for-You Service

There is nothing in the above recommendations that you could not do yourself. On the other hand, if you would like to tap into our proven system for getting a complete Military Relocation online marketing system and website, HoopJumper offers all this and more.


Free Military PCS Internet Marketing Consultation:

For a free consultation with me, Brett Miller of HoopJumper, please go to and setup a time when we can discuss your needs and goals.