great real estate website, real estate website, websiteWhat makes a real estate agent website GREAT?


Is it the logo? The colors? Or how about the images or videos on the homepage? Do the search functionalities play a big role? Does the arrangement of the content mark greatness in a real estate agent’s website?


The answer is: they all play a part in having a GREAT real estate agent website.


Due to the ever increasing influence that the internet plays in the lives of people, it is a must that you not only put your website on top of your digital marketing strategy, but in the very heart of it.


Although social media as a platform is seemingly becoming more popular in terms of its user-base, it can never replace what a great website can do for your business.  Your website is the cornerstone of ALL your internet marketing, even Social Media ads.


Your website is not only a platform for reaching your clients – it is your online identity. It is the center of your digital marketing. The place where you are able to capture leads funneled from all of your online marketing strategies.


Having said this, let’s go ahead and look at the things that make a real estate agent website GREAT.


Modern vs. Traditional Layouts


This is a battle between old and new concepts. While traditional websites tend to lean more towards ‘classic’ designs – they are what we are used to. While these were generally designed to work well on a desktop computer, they make good use of space with many sections on a page for capturing leads and providing different types of information.


Modern layouts are more minimalistic and designed for the mobile viewer. They are more linear graphics and video arranged on a page so that it will resize and adjust for any mobile device.  


Today, website visitors are more interested with the ease of access and functionality of the website rather than its artistry. They want to be able to easily navigate through the website and find the properties they want.


real estate website


Of course, this doesn’t mean that you will be giving up your website’s looks. You wouldn’t want a plain-looking website that won’t catch the eye of anyone.

You’ll have to find the perfect balance between user-friendliness and design, and this is why a customised website is the best way to go.


Videos, videos, videos


Since videos are now the staple of every marketing strategy, why limit its visibility on your website? Place it on your homepage, your About page, and even in your listing pages!


A video will give your website viewers a better customer experience than any static graphic can.


But videos don’t just give your website a pretty look; they make your viewers spend more time on your website, and this helps improve your SEO rating.



Videos are very important to a real estate website and will become even more important in the near future. If you are NOT using video online, now is the time to start. We, at HoopJumper, have launched new Video Domination plans that work in conjunction with your website to come up higher in the search engines and attract more leads looking to buy and sell in your area.  


You can find out more about HoopJumper’s Video Program here.


Integration with Social Media & Other Real Estate Platforms


One of the best features of a GREAT real estate agent website is how you can connect it with various social media platforms and real estate data from your MLS. Your website can and should feature content from those sites directly on your website.


Do you use Facebook Messenger already? Did you know you could have a custom Facebook Messenger app integrated into your site that instantly notifies you and your admins whenever someone has a question?


Or how about having your Instagram posts show directly on your website? The possibilities are endless!


Are you ready to have your GREAT real estate agent website?


If so, contact us today for a personal one-to-one marketing consultation to see how we could help you build the GREAT real estate agent website you need!