Do you sell commercial real estate?

Let’s face it, commercial real estate buyers are different and have different needs.

Do you have a website that distinguishes you from residential real estate agents?

If you sell more than one of these types of properties a year, you should.

One of our independent brokers in Minnesota, Jen True, of True Real Estate hired some commercial brokers and she wanted a special website for showcasing their listings.

View Jen True’s commercial website at

Jen said, “My HoopJumper website has paid for itself many times over already. My only regret is not signing up sooner!”

As always, we love these kind of messages.

Robert Basen and Jerrad Schendel sell commercial real estate in Southern California. They hired HoopJumper to create a brand and online presence far beyond and above what their broker provided for them.

View Robert Basen and Jerrad Schendel’s commercial website at

Jerrad said, “I appreciate that the website has already lead to a few leads. Thanks for everything up to this point and everything in the future.”

What does a real estate agent website cost?

How many buyers and sellers are you not reaching? How many people are not contacting you via your website?

In addition, how much money and time are you wasting trying to do your own website yourself?

More than 85% of the time your audience is getting their first impression of you from your website. In short, even if they are a referral or a lead from another source, they are googling you and checking out your website.

In conclusion, a bad first impression and poor communication can cost a real estate agent a lot in missed opportunities.

If you would like to get a quote on a Commercial Real Estate Agent website, contact us today at