Do you have an amazing website, or is it time for a revamp?

Does your website brand you as a professional and highlight what they are looking for…homes in their area?

Or is it a templated website that seems like the other agents’ websites in your office?

The digital world keeps on evolving. Because of this, you have to move with it if you want to succeed. If you want your website to be effective, you have to be different.

Don’t settle for a mediocre, run-of-the-mill website design. Many website designers and developers promise great results but end up doing just the opposite; as a result, you are left frustrated and unsatisfied.

If you’re tired of your website looking like everybody else’s, then read further… Your answer is just around the corner!

Our new client, Jennifer Drumright from Eugene, Oregon recently approved her website from HoopJumper to go live on the web.

Jennifer said “The site looks great. Thank you for your help. This is exciting!

Of course, we love these kind of messages.

View Jennifer’s new site at


Some of the features that make Jennifer’s new site work for her are:

  • A Clean and Sophisticated Look
  • Updated and Streamlined Personal Logo
  • Professionally edited drone video on homepage
  • Customized rotating banners highlighting their individual local communities linked to their own SEO breakout pages
  • Zillow-like omnibar search embedded over video
  • Dynamic Featured Properties carousel
  • Reddit-like Wall of New Listings showing the latest in their market
  • Streamlined Communities and Condominium Pages
  • Super-optimized for Mobile and tablet
  • 100% secure with HTTPS secure socket layer, now FREE with all site


Do you use Facebook Messenger already? Did you know you could have a custom Facebook Messenger app integrated into your site that instantly notifies you and your admins whenever someone has a question? This tool uses your Facebook business page and unlike other chat softwares for your site, Facebook Messenger has no monthly cost, is familiar to billions of users worldwide, and we regular program that into our client’s websites.

Speaking of Facebook, now your IDX Subscribers can subscribe and login to their Listings Organizer using Facebook (or Google).


And if you are an Instagram user, we can make your posts automatically post to your site and your social media pages AUTOMATICALLY! In other words, talk about Blogging Made Easy!!

Click here to setup a call with HoopJumper and we will go over all the specifics so we can start building a great website for you!