The main purpose of your website is to generate leads, turn them into prospects, and finally convert them into paying clients.


Once a lead, either a homebuyer or seller, visits your site you need to address their pain points right away to ensure they don’t just jump from your site to another.


While forms, call-to-action buttons and contact pages are currently being used on most real estate agents websites, these may be time consuming and some leads may be reluctant in providing their personal information.


A wise real estate agent should not settle for ordinary lead generation techniques like the ones mentioned but seek and act towards the improvement of their site by equipping it with tools that will entice leads to stay longer on their site and provide leads the information they need, as soon as they need it.


Website engagement tools such as pop ups and chat bubbles are being employed to close the gap of providing necessary information to site visitors and capturing a lead’s information before they leave your site.


If you would like to take your site to the next level and improve your chances of capturing leads, we might just have the right solution for you!


HoopJumper introduces a website mobile app called Ask Avenue: Live Chat for Real Estate, a messaging app incorporated to your real estate website and on your mobile device.


How does Ask Avenue work?


It works just like any messaging app. Let’s say a prospect visits your website to check out some listings. Ask Avenue’s chat widget provides:


Instant Chat Support


It proactively triggers an alert notifying your visitor that you are available to answer their questions through chat.


Instant Lead Capture


The instant they click on the widget the app will automatically capture the lead by asking the name and email in a discreet way before they can submit their question.


Instant Notification


Once they hit the send button, you will receive a notification on your device that somebody’s chatting. You can either respond right away or later.



What’s special about it?

  • The Ask Avenue app offers a direct line of communication to your prospects 24/7.
  • It filters buyers by location and matches them with your neighborhood listings.
  • It captures leads instantly.
  • It allows offline messaging to notify previous visitors that you’re available to chat.
  • It allows you to respond real time whenever and wherever you are.


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