The Fourth of July is all about independence, liberty, and freedom.


On this special day, we celebrate the promise that we can live in a country that allows us to pursue our own path to prosperity and a happy life.


This promise still holds true for those who want to shape our destinies with our own hands to do the things that will affect our lives to live that ideal. This is what I call the Freedom Lifestyle.


Does your real estate business support your ideal life?


You did not start your profession as a real estate agent so you could spend 12 to 14 hours a day, 7 days a week keeping your practice afloat!


You created your real estate business to support the life and lifestyle you want.


For some, this may mean owning their dream home and cars, taking lavish trips and buying expensive luxury items.


OR… it may mean a running profitable business with short, but highly productive hours, so you can have an abundance of quality and quantity time with your family.


It could mean all of the above, it just depends on what you value most and how much you want it.

  • HoopJumper has helped our real estate website clients with their goals of making over a million dollars a year!
  • We have helped our clients create a full-time income working less than 20 hours a week!
  • We have helped them realize what their ideal life is, and then create a real estate business that is designed to support that Freedom Lifestyle with our quarterly marketing review sessions!

Isn’t it time you finally got off that hamster wheel of trying that keeps going and going and finally design a life worth living?!


Isn’t it time you create the real estate business that REALLY gives you what your heart desires, and not just what everyone tells you should want or be achieving?!


Contact us Today for a No Cost Website Analysis and we will take time to find out about your website needs so you can use it as your main tool for you to make living a Freedom Lifestyle a reality!