Get More LeadsNeed more leads?

In the previous chapter of Agent Revamp, we discussed how your LIST is considered as your most valuable asset and provided you with some tips on building and organizing it.


Getting your list ready is the first and crucial step towards a successful marketing strategy.

And, now that you have built your foundation.

It’s important for you to continue to do lead generation activities to expand your list.

In Chapter 6 of the Agent Revamp Book, we highlighted some points that will get you in the know and set you up in getting more leads:

  • the two basic forms of generating leads: Online and Offline marketing
  • how important the role of your website that serves as your virtual storefront and where you collect most of your leads
  • what effective lead magnets and landing pages do
  • the 8 steps to create an effective landing page.
  • the potential of Paid Advertisement to drive leads to your site
  • Other online lead sources

Download the Agent Revamp Book to read the full content to know more about lead generation activities and start moving people through your pipeline.

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