When Facebook started in 2004, it was originally designed as a Harvard-only social networking tool. Then, it became the fastest and largest growing social networking site globally with 240 million American users reported in April 2018.


Many things have changed then especially it’s introduction of digital marketing and allowing business advertising on its pages. Want to tap a portion of that number of users?


As a real estate agent, how much time do you spend in managing your social media business page? How many leads and followers are you generating from it? How many likes and shares are you getting on your broadcasts?


Everybody needs a new pipeline of leads for their Real Estate Business. If you haven’t been using Facebook ads yet, think again! Discover the potential in advertising on Facebook and how efficient it can connect your business to your prospects.


Social media marketing engages your ideal client by posting the right kind of content that highlights your brand. Make your brand stand out by expanding your reach and build a responsive community sharing the same interest. Take your business to the next level and turn your Facebook account into an effective lead capture system.


Facebook Real Estate Pro offers both a done-for-you social media management service and training to make your Facebook business page look better online with outstanding posts, graphics, and videos. Learn using our modules on how you can reach your target audience, get likes, and generate leads with Facebook ads. Yes, we’ll teach you how we do it at the backend.

Jumpstart your marketing with a Great Real Estate Agent website while you utilize social media to drive traffic to it. All this can be done with an optimized website and a good strategy in social media marketing.


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