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Isn’t a Facebook Page enough?

Did you know that Facebook can shut you down, without warning? Yikes! Just browse YouTube and you will see video after video of people complaining about this very thing.

What would that do to your online leads strategy?

We are not saying that you should not use Facebook, just don’t put all of your eggs in only one basket. It is imperative that you drive traffic from your Facebook profile, posts and ads to your own Real Estate Website where YOU collect and control your own leads and fate.

You may think that using a free platform like Facebook saves you money and targets a wider range of audiences. And while this may be true, Facebook can, and has, changed their rules without notice or consulting you. You have to constantly adjust your strategy, and sometimes Facebook shuts you down completely for reasons only they seem to understand.

This happened to a very well respected and high profile Real Estate Trainer who just recently was telling huge paying audiences to convert to a Facebook-dominant marketing strategy bypassing their website. Now, after having the rug pulled out from under him with his Facebook profiles suspended, he has changed his strategy.

Another real estate leader we follow reported that Facebook locked him out his account and unpublished his business pages. Why? Because he was making posts about his products and services!!! Well, if that’s not the reason for these business pages, what is?

So, why should we put all our marketing efforts to build a brand into a platform that can turn on a dime and we lose all the work we’ve done for months or years? Nothing is truly free. Perhaps, Facebook appears to be free, but what is the real cost of lost business having all your marketing suddenly disappear?

Similarly, ten years ago when many real estate agents were using the Blogger platform, Google did the exact same thing and were shutting down agent’s Blogs deeming them too commercial. Luckily, about the same time, WordPress became the dominant website and blogging platform that allowed you to write whatever you wanted to and giving you 100% control over your online content, and since then Blogger has become a dusty relic akin to MySpace.

Having your own website gives you full control over your marketing strategies. It is like building your OWN “virtual storefront” and specifying your OWN set of rules. On the other hand, using social media can be compared to leasing a retail space that locks you into following the landlord’s terms and conditions. Let’s take Twitter as an example, you are only allowed 280 characters per tweet. This is not the case if you have your own website. You can place as much text as you want as long as you want and no one will limit you.

Don’t limit your marketing strategy to be only as good as the rules set by the social media platforms and let all your efforts go to waste.

While HoopJumper provides both website and social media management services, we highly encourage our customers to use both platforms to work in complementary ways.

Something we tell our clients is that all the content they were regularly posting on Facebook, while it may be easy, actually hurts your website’s search engine ranking since you are not updating your website, thus letting Google know that your website is not the place to go for up-to-date information on your real estate market. No wonder they say their website is not performing for them!

We also tell then that out of over 1.8 billion websites in the world, Facebook is #3 behind #1 Google and #2 YouTube. Marc Zuckerberg does not need your content to help his SEO, but your website does, and you should always post your content on your website first THEN share it to your social media.

Jumpstart your marketing with a Real Estate Agent website while you utilize social media to drive traffic to it. All this can be done with an optimized website and a good strategy in social media marketing.

With HoopJumper, we can help you do both: build your Great Real Estate Agent website and handle your social media marketing in an ALL-DONE-FOR-YOU service.

Your website DOES matter!

Let’s talk and make your website and your social media business page work together.


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