Success Driven Real Estate Agent

All real estate agents want to be successful, but it’s become more difficult to compete with big companies like Zillow.


It’s true, in the last 10 years a lot of mega-corporations have come in to dominate the top of Google searches with their real estate websites that they pay millions of dollars to take over the top rankings.


It’s also true that a large percentage of real estate agents are throwing in the towel and deciding they can’t compete in this competitive Internet environment, choosing to follow the masses.


Are YOU throwing in the towel? Here’s why you shouldn’t:


Many agents are even by-passing using their website and instead focusing only Zillow ads, on spending thousands of dollars per year, and putting content only on Facebook and other social media instead of their website. This is short-sighted.


Facebook changes their terms and conditions often, and Zillow keeps raising their prices to a point where many Agents are not able to keep up. And the moment you stop paying, everything STOPS dead in its tracks.


Your website is the one place you have full control over your image and perception.


And if you’re someone who wants to compete and win the real estate game in your market, you simply must have a winning Internet presence. It is THE PLACE where you can day after day, month after month, year after year, show your expertise, individuality, and professionalism. It is where you show you don’t run with the pack.


Top Agents around the country use HoopJumper as their essential team member for keeping their website fresh and vital. Our one-on-one Quarterly Marketing Review with you helps keep you on-track with your goals and prevent you from getting stale.


Isn’t it time you stop feeding the same dragons that are trying to own ALL of the real estate kingdoms and focus on your own castle?


Let HoopJumper be your ace-in-the-hole this next year. Request a no-obligation Marketing Review of your website and operations and let’s see if we are the right fit for you to make your goals come to fruition.