Do you ever wonder why giant players like Starbucks, McDonald’s, or even Google need to update their already distinct logos? As big as they already are, why do they need to update their logos when their competitors are already eating their dust?


They don’t do this just “because” they are sick of it, they have a much more strategic reason.

When Starbucks revealed its new logo in 2011, they say they did it to celebrate freedom and flexibility while remaining true to their brand identity. The only noticeable change is that they removed the wordmark “Starbucks” but the siren and deep-green color are still there. Nothing much has changed but it elicited several responses both from loyal and new customers.


As a business owner, does your brand need updating? To be made more modern? With a sleek, more minimal icon, perhaps?


Your brand is a living entity that you should stay consistent, yet stay modern. A balancing act, for sure!  If your brand does not project how you want to be or how you want people to perceive you, or if it seems old and outdated compared to today’s modern logos, you need your brand updated just like what great brands do.


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