Real Estate AppToday’s real estate agents will do EVERYTHING to get ahead of their competitors and use different strategies to become more visible and expand their reach.


In this mobile world we live in, not only do the bigger players take part to get ahead in this domain but also the agents who took advantage and built their own app.


This is the perfect time to think how you can also dominate your market and realize how big the potential is in having your own mobile app


Here are 5 Reasons why Realtors Need their own real estate App:


  1. You’ll have a strong mobile presence.

In a world operated by smartphones, having your own app will allow your leads to easily find you and your listings. There’s no longer a need for them to type into a browser and get lost with other numerous listings.


  1. You can provide complete and updated content.

Render existing content from your website completely but this time with an app. Provide up to date information easily for any price or listing changes.


  1. You can design special features that are specific to your target market.

Let us take Baldwin County Home Finder as an example. Brandon Borin from Fairport, Alabama created his app to help homebuyers easily find a home based on their proximity to a school or a university.


  1. You can target both iOs and Android Users.

Apps are being tested to work on iOs or Android. Reach your leads whether they use an iphone or a Google device.


  1. You will gain more leads.

Majority of homebuyers are millennials who use their phone in searching for their first home. Having an app gets you more leads from the millennial business.


Want your own APP?


We are happy to jump through hoops for you and help you build your own mobile app. Satisfy the demand of your tech-savvy customers and provide them a responsive app environment that they’re looking for.



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