Capture LeadsThey say, if opportunity doesn’t knock, then build a door. What if you already built a website? A virtual door for your real estate business and that door still won’t budge? How good would that door be?


How many opportunities do you think you’d miss because your website does not do what it’s supposed to do?


Your website plays an important role in capturing your sought after leads. Its overall design and construction is to generate enough leads to meet your goals or even exceed them. It establishes your online presence and your brand identity.


In Chapter 3 of the Agent Revamp, I discussed why using a templated website hurts your business. Yes, it’s happening to unsuspecting agents all the time. Most brokerage- and company- supplied sites grow rampant with the majority using generic photos and generic texts.


What does this do?


A templated site will not generate any response from your consumers or get a good Google ranking, compared to search engine optimized ones. A generic site does not allow you to provide leads on your unique selling proposition. This lacks professionalism and a sense of personal touch that only you can offer.


Building a Real Estate Agent website, on the other hand, gives your leads the key to open the door and do business with you. Invite them with a website that provides content that are both relevant and appealing. Welcome them with an “ALWAYS OPEN” sign!


On the same chapter, you will also learn about SoLoMo.


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