3 Reasons why Real Estate Agents Should Use Video On Their Website

You have invested in a great real estate agent website and your website design company asks you for your videos.


You have some professional photographs you had taken of yourself a few years back… but videos? Is that really necessary?

In today’s online world, YES, it is.

In fact, videos will help you with 3 important things.

1.Communicate information quickly to your audience
People, in general, like to watch videos. If given the choice of text or video, over half of the people will choose to watch video on a website over reading the text.


It is because video will not only help use to easily understand the content, but will also provide visual content to go with the text. People can generally consume the video in less time than it will take to read the text and will comprehend it at a deeper level quicker.

One example of an informational video to have on your real estate agent website is a Client Testimonial Video.

It is easy to get testimonial videos at closing by just pulling out your cell phone asking if you can get a quick testimonial video. Your clients are already happy as they are getting their keys, and their excitement and enthusiasm about your “great service” to them will shine through the video beyond the words they are saying.

It is so much easier to get your smiling clients to say a few words while you have them in front of you, rather than hoping they will type up a testimonial later on and remember to get it back to you. You have happy clients… don’t miss your opportunity to capitalize on it by capturing testimonial videos.

2. Get more leads
Just having one or two effective videos on your homepage can be the difference between a potential customer leaving immediately, or choosing to remain on your website longer to discover more about your business.

You have heard the saying “People do business with people they know, like and trust.” One of the easiest ways to get people to know, like and trust you is show your personality and expertise at the same time on video on your website.

You could be doing a quick one minute video on “How to Stage Your Home For Showings.” Not only will this quickly communicate the information to the person watching the video, but it will also help them to get to know YOU and understand clearly why YOU should be the person they list their home with.

By being a ‘real person’ and putting more of YOU on your real estate website will get more people contacting you because they will feel comfortable with you as a person and as a professional, and will help differentiate you from the generic agents and their bland or boring websites.

Providing value and letting people get to know you will help you get more leads from your website.

3. Help with Search Engine Optimization
Google loves videos for a few reasons:

First, having videos on your website will make it “sticky,” keep visitors on your site longer. Google notices how long people stay when they come to your website and will send more people your way when it shows a history of people finding good content on your site.

Second, your website needs to be easy to add videos to and should look good across all devices including laptops, tablets and phones.

Third, your real estate website company should have a quarterly meeting with you to review your website and what videos could be added to increase its effectiveness.

These are just 3 reasons why you should include video on your website. There are many different types of video that can be added to virtually any page on your site.

If you would like more information on adding video content to your real estate agent website, or know you need a better website to handle video, contact us today for a free consultation.