Did you know the “FREE” website being offered by your company is actually COSTING you more than it’s SAVING you???


What could be wrong with having a free website from your broker?

Turns out, a lot.

We’ve been getting lots of calls here to HoopJumper because the latest greatest “free” website offered by their big box nationwide brokerage is NOT promoting their personal brand in an effective manner, and the sheer number of agents being added into their system has overloaded their resources so that the websites being churned out like a factory have been lackluster and filled with mistakes and bad links.

A direct quote from an Agent I heard just yesterday was “(My company’s) websites SUCK!”


You can’t just treat your Realtor Website as a to-do item you check off your list. It really DOES matter in this Internet age how you present yourself and to make sure it helps elevate you above the herd of agents who all look the same to the point of where it doesn’t matter .

Homebuyers searching the Internet have seen enough templated websites to know that such sites don’t offer the personal attention they’re looking for in your field, and their perception may be that these Agents don’t have an original spark in their body.

Also, for Sellers, they must think that if you can’t market yourself effectively or impressively, how are you going to market their most valuable asset?

Today’s go-getter Realtor needs a personalized and responsive real estate website that puts a human face on your business and doesn’t look like you used a cookie-cutter approach.

HoopJumper is not just another website company

Unlike most cheap generic website companies that just put your square headshot into a generic already made website, HoopJumper actually helps you make a real difference in your marketing strategy to help you make a quantum leap forward with proven strategies and technology.

Our newly updated Accelerator Website Success System with the Extreme Results program will not only give you the best website in the Industry, but the knowledge and training to know how to use it effectively, and the support team to back you up.

If you see yourself as ready to make this year YOUR year and to stop being a generic agent, I’d love to hear from you.

Let us know that you’d like a no-obligation Website Consultation where I will paint a picture for you of how your entire career could be transformed in the next year. It would be my pleasure.

Brett Miller
Founder, HoopJumper LLC