To be truly memorable and stick out in people’s minds (and hearts) to become their top-of-mind Realtor, your personal real estate agent “brand” should be your own and authentic to you.

While we realize that you chose your brokerage carefully and that they may be a great company, you are not required to plug-in and clone yourself like the rest of the Agents there who use the exact same branding. The fact is that YOU are your own independent entity and you have “hired” your brokerage to work for you.

You’ve hired them to manage you, to offer workspace (sometimes) and a conference room for meeting clients, to provide regular training, to be the legal entity on record with listing homes, possibly act as your transaction coordinator, and ideally for offering valuable guidance along the way.

Hopefully, you get your money’s worth for the percentage you pay for their service which can range from ten to fifty percent. Certainly, when you are a brand new agent, there is much to learn from plugging into a well-oiled system that many Brokerages offer.

Another “benefit” of working with a Broker is that they often have marketing materials already created with their company brand all over them. You simply need to pop your little headshot into the right place, enter your contact info and voila, marketing done!

The business cards, brochures, and even personal websites are usually heavily discounted (if not free) and require next to no thought or planning… Just plug and play. Easy and cheap.

This may be okay for the newbie agent, but if you are wanting to not be perceived as a cog in your broker’s marketing machine, and instead wish to raise your head up above the herd to get noticed, then you must step forward and invest in yourself to create your own unique brand.

When you do decide to step forward and plant your flag, you should make sure you don’t dilute your efforts by only using your brand in a couple of places and leaving your broker-supplied marketing in others.

For instance, don’t create a personal logo, color scheme and design for yourself for your business cards and house fliers, and then continue to use your company branded website and house signs. This inconsistency will short circuit any good you have done for yourself in getting your brand in the first place.

Your website especially needs to reflect you and your special qualities. In a recent report co-authored by the National Association of Realtors and Google, the report titled “The Digital House Hunt” (Google it) shows that fully 100% (yes, everyone) who buys a home is using the Internet now, up from the high 70’s at the turn of the 21st century.

So, for you to be offering the same generic look and feel and offerings on your company-supplied website as everyone else in your office and associated brokerages nationwide makes you look generic and “just another agent.”

Want help to building your brand? Start by having your Real Estate Agent Site ready today!

As Steve Jobs famously said, “Think Different.”

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