In the first chapter of Agent Revamp we talked about Goal Setting, creating a plan to Revamp your Real Estate Business and have your best year every as a Realtor. In the final chapter, we talk about Goal Achievement.


Goal Setting and Goal Achievement are related, but not the same thing. I think Goal Setting is the number one thing you can to in order to have an extraordinary business. Goal Achievement however will not happen if you don’t handle these 3 important aspects of Goal Achievement.

I am going to tell you what they are, and they will sound so simple. I know they did to me the first time I heard them. You are almost there; follow through to the end of this chapter to fully understand what we mean.

In order to achieve anything you want you must manage your Inner Game, Your Outer Game and Your Action. I believe that 80% is Inner Game, 10% is Outer Game and 10% is action. That is a big claim. Maybe it is 60/20/20, either way; your Inner Game, in my opinion, is the most important aspect of Goal Achievement.

Let’s start with the other two first. What do we mean by Outer Game? Your Outer Game is your Skill Set. This could be your Sales Skills, your Script Writing Skills, or Negotiating Skills. They are the skills you need to master in order to become a great Real Estate Agent. What can you do, learn or master to improve your Outer Game? Build great real estate agent websites today with HoopJumper!

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