Since having even the world’s best website doesn’t ensure that you will know how to use it, we have developed a program to help ensure your success.

Introducing Extreme Results

Even before your website is launched, our coaching and training staff will be focusing on your goals including:



Setting You Up for Success with a Plan – Our coaching staff will lead you through setting goals and creating a roadmap for your next 12 months. We’ll help you outline everything from your marketing plan, your production plan, your budget, and EVEN you team growth.

accelerator_icon_branding-consultation-01Branding Consultation
– We will meet with you and draw out the essence of who you are so we can reflect that in your branding, your website and all of your marketing.



Domain Consultation – What domain names are you using? Will it help you reach your goals? Do you need to speak with an expert to help you find and select the best search engine optimized keyword-rich domain name for the long run? All the good ones are NOT taken.




How to add Content to Your Website the Easy Way –  We will show you how to add content the easy way so your website doesn’t go stale.




How to Update Your Social Media the Smart Way so that its done automatically and its not another chore for you to do.




The Money is in “The List” – We will help you help you build your list and teach you how to use it to increase your business.




What Lead Generation Practices are Best for You? We will help you analyze what’s out there and decide what makes the most sense for you.



Sales Scripting – We have partnered with the world’s leading Sales Scripting coach, Eric Lofholm, to help you never be at a loss to how to respond.


accelerator_icon_-become-a-master-of-follow-up-redbg-01Become a Master of Follow-up – Have you ever heard “The Fortune is in the Followup”? In the Accelerator package we set you up with one of the best follow up systems ever created. In this class, we will show you how to use it and explain how real estate agents just like you have been able to make millions of dollars in sales through mastering this technique.

accelerator_icon_-become-_the-local-expert-by-writing-a-book-redbg-01Become “The Local Expert by Writing a Book
– We’ve already coached many Realtors like you though writing their first small book. One client got $2 million in business from just dropping off 3 copies of his book. We did this ourselves and became Amazon #1 Best Sellers and we can teach you to do the same.


Time Management – How do you do it all? A master coach will explain the process and help you create a plan to work smarter, not harder, and get more done.




Coaching – What if you could work with someone who has been a top agent? Someone who has built and run a successful team? How much more successful could you be if they could walk you down the same path towards the same goals? This program will do just for you and more.


This is the Extreme Results program and what could happen to your business if you had a marketing company, not just a website company that throws a website online and leaves you to fend for yourself, but your very own marketing and technology partner that really worked with you month after month on helping you GROW your business?

How many extra deals in the next year could you do with a system like this and with the knowledge of how to use it effectively with technology partners in your corner helping you, teaching you, and cheering you every step of the way?

Could you do 5 more deals in the next 12 months?

Or an extra 10?

How about in the next 3-5 years?

What would that be worth to you?

What if there’s a proven system that could help you do that for LESS than the cost of ONE of those deals?

We are excited about what these programs will do for YOU and for your business in the coming year!

I would love to chat with you about what this program could do for you personally.  What time works for you?  Here is a link to my calendar. I know how busy you are and this helps with the endless game of telephone tag.  I look forward to talking to you.

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