Time Management is a myth. We can’t manage time. All we can do is make better choices about what we do with our time. Time is the great equalizer. We all have exactly the same amount of hours in our day. So why do some real estate agents seem to get so much more done in a day? Let’s break this down a little bit.


How is your Busyness Doing?

No, I did not mean “Business” but if you tell me how your “Busyness” is, I bet I can tell how your Business is doing. We too often spend far too many hours attending the busy-work of the business, which leaves us tired and short of our goals.

What is on your to-do list for today? Are these items that will get you closer to your goals, or are they just things that you HAVE to do. I can almost bet that if you are getting up every day and just plowing through a seemingly endless to-do list, that your Business may be “surviving,” but you are not “thriving.”


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