Your website should be set up in a way that it can help you make money instead of having the opposite effect of turning off prospects and driving them away.


You need excellent Lead Capture systems to help build your “List.”

You need a Scalable website architecture that allows you to expand and grow your business fast and easy.

You need to make sure that the money you’re already spending on Zillow and other services is not being squandered.

Your website can help ensure that your image is high-end and not generic.

Your projected image needs to not encourage home sellers asking you to discount your commissions.

Your website should help you compete with the big box players in your market.
And a smart built in Search Engine Optimization can help you be found with better organic placement online.

Let’s touch on these quickly…

Your website should help you make more money by having excellent lead capture systems built into every page that makes it easy for prospects to enter their name and information using smart direct response hooks and ethical incentives, with their info going directly into your database or CRM.

Your contact list collected into an easy to use marketing database is the modern equivalent of the Rolodex, and it is your most important asset.

Once collected, you can follow up and market to people you’ve already invested in collecting into your system, and usually at zero extra cost.

You can even micro-target your list for specific neighborhoods, niches, and one-to-one touches. But not if you don’t have a reliable system in place for collecting them in the first place like a great real estate agent website can do for you.

A Scalable Website architecture will allow you to grow and expand your business.
We’ve helped solo-Agents start adding on team members, growing into a super-team, and in many instances, becoming their own independent brokerage.

Your website should be able to change your status easily to Broker and update your branding as needed quick and easy.

Adding pages and information as you grow should be as easy as composing an email; and your website company should be there to assist you as your Internet Technology partner to get this done for you if needed.

Just imagine… No Limitations to what you can offer from the centerpoint, the cornerstone of all your marketing efforts.. Your Great Real Estate Agent Website. Where adding new functions and capabilities are as easy as adding a new app to your smartphone.

This is how it SHOULD be done. And any agent willing to invest in their own future could have this system for less than the cost of a single commission.

Many agents are investing mightily in services like Zillow and other Lead companies. And then what do they do? They link them right over to their lackluster generic ineffective old-style website that hurts them more than it helps them.
Your website matters.

Remember… your First Impression needs to be your Best Impression… Or it could be your Last Impression.

Don’t lose money from alot opportunity, especially after already paying for that lead.

Always ensure the image you portray is High-End and not generic.

Don’t be an interchangeable Realtor at your Brokerage where it doesn’t matter if they pick you or the other Agent.

Just say to yourself…

No more boring square headshot in the upper left corner of the same-old Realtor template used by hundreds of other Agents; perhaps in your own office.

Pledge to yourself to present your Name is a classy logo design that makes you look like a winning brand and not some kind of dull standard type.

Go the extra mile and show the best imagery of your area and not stand for showing the same house pictures of nondescript neighborhoods that don’t make anyone feel special or that don’t make you look like an Agent who knows and loves the market area.

Here’s a pitfall you should really avoid getting yourself into…

Be sure to not get the impression going that you are a Discount Agent that doesn’t deserve your full commission.

Low quality marketing and a sub-standard website can give the very real impression that you are just another agent at your broker and that you are a commodity.

If nothing makes you special or stand-out, then sellers may just think that you should compete with your colleagues by offering a lower commission.

On the other hand, a high quality impression delivered expertly via your great real estate agent website will encourage come-list-me calls with no expectation of you cutting your commission.

One of the great truths of the modern era is that you have the same opportunity as anyone to compete with the big box brokers in your market, because the Internet is the great equalizer.

Think about it, having a big brick and mortar office is no longer important since almost 100% of ALL home buyers are beginning their real estate searches on the web.

And if you go look at those websites, most have a very generic look and feel, based on the corporate site. It starts to all look and feel the same.

What an incredible opportunity a motivated Agent has to create a more impressive experience on the Internet.
Another advantage of a great real estate agent website is that it should have built-in search engine optimization, programmed from the ground up, to help you compete.

Face it, the last few years with the Zillows, Tulias, and other big companies with multi-million dollar advertising budget who are grabbing up all the grat positions on the search engines, you need to enlist every tool at your disposal.

Many cheap generic realtor website companies don’t make it easy to add any content you want, or offer any level of customization so you can stand out from the herd.

Then again, if you look at the landscape of your local agents, most of them are not even trying to compete at this level.


With the right strategies, you can put yourself on the map and compete with the best of them.

So ask yourself…

Is your current website supplying all the tools it should to help you make more money?

Are your current investments in lead services like Zillow and Tiger Leads being squandered by taking leads back to an ineffective website?

Or are you wasting lots of money on marketing yourself only to lose business?

What if…

You were actually proud of your website and directed everyone to it?

You knew your online presence made you look like a million bucks?

Your website expertly collected leads and contacts for you that you could market to for years to come?

I would like to extend an offer to give you my professional opinion on if your current website helps you do all it can to help you be successful.

I will give you a full website assessment reviewing 5 very important criteria needed to have a truly great real estate agent website.

Or maybe you already know your website is not helping you reach these goals

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