Social Media is here to stay.

Since the advent of Facebook and the other Social Media platforms, the entire face of marketing, especially real estate marketing, has changed.

The strategies used in the past to rank high on search engines have been completely uprooted by how the public now interacts with their own Social Platforms which now dominates their internet usage, and is now driving how marketing dollars are spent in today’s business climate.

So really, it’s no longer IF you’re going to engage in using Social Media for your marketing, it’s WHEN and HOW you are.

Because if you decide to not play the Social Media game, your client base will continue to shrink until you are made irrelevant.

On the positive side, Social Media for business can offer some great marketing opportunities, like delivering customized paid ads to micro-targeted demographics.

There are new platforms coming and going all the time. Remember “Friendster” or “MySpace”? You don’t even know if Facebook and Twitter will be here 5 years from now.

Learning how to work with Social Media is necessary, but it comes with a cost. We as business people have NO CONTROL over the rules of Social Media. It changes in a heartbeat and often your strategies that have been set up need to be completely scrapped so you have to start over from scratch.

Facebook can decide that you’re not saying the right things and can block you, restrict you, put you on “suspension” or event shut you down for some policy you don’t even know about.

Don’t allow your marketing to be shut down on their whim.

Doing Social Media the Right Way.

What does this mean?

It means remembering that every thought you post, every photo you share, every bit of content or promotion you use for marketing needs to originate and have a home on YOUR OWN website. One where you retain control over as the location of all your marketing content so that no third party company can move the goal post on you without notice.

Google does not want to become a has-been like the search engines of the past, so they look to every day to see who is delivering fresh relevant content to deliver to the users of their search engine. They don’t want to send a link to an old abandoned website that has not had new content added to it in years.

When you skip your own website and go directly to your wall on Social Media you deprive your site of much needed content that Google needs to see to give your website a fighting chance of being seen. Without fresh content, Google will ignore you.

A lot of Realtors post to their Facebook daily and never touch their own website. This is giving Facebook all the search engine optimized content from you and not to your website.

In 2014, the one billionth website was added to the internet. Facebook is already the 3rd most popular website in the world. They do NOT need your content. Your neglected website desperately needs it.

So here is where a slight change in how you are doing things can make a huge improvement in your Google ranking.

By just putting that same content, no matter how whimsical or insignificant, that you were putting on Facebook now putting it on your website first, you can then have your website automatically broadcast it to your Facebook, as well as your Twitter account, your Google+Plus account, and your LinkedIn account.

Then, when the people who are interested in what you are posting click on the link to read it, they are taken back to your website to read it, giving you valuable hits that Google is tracking, and will credit you with better search engine placement.

Here’s an objection I hear all the time:

Isn’t it hard to post to my own website?

The answer is No! Not with the right technology set up for you in advance.

You can now easily post the same photos and text from an app on your smartphone that will place it on your website’s Home Page and News Page and then your website can automatically Broadcast that post for you to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+Plus and LinkedIn.

Power over your own Lead Capture

Now, the leads you generate from Social Media will be driven back to your own lead capture system  on your website, using YOUR CRM, where you can set up your own follow up system.

This will help you build your contact ”list” which is your most valuable asset for generating future income.

Your website is custom made to collect these leads in advance ways that your Social Media accounts can not, or will not let you do.

So ask yourself…

Is your current website the cornerstone of all of your Social Media efforts?

Are you doing Social Media the right way?

Are you in control?

Or are the Social Media companies one decision away from making all your marketing disappear?

What if…

You could add content to your own website as easy as adding to Facebook?

You began adding the same content regularly?

Your website was always growing and flourishing instead of dying on the vine?


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