Maybe back in the late 90’s, early 2000’s, you could get away with having your website just sitting there on the Internet with the same 8 pages for years on end without ever updating it, especially if you had used gimmicks like keyword stuffing and link farms… but that train left the station a long time ago.

Since around 2005, Google has been inching its way towards its goal of only offering its users what it deems as the most content rich and helpful websites according to the search term entered.

The last two years with the releases of the Google algorithms Panda, Penguin and Phantom, we have seen the full implementation of their master plan. This has meant the demotion of thousands of previously high ranking websites to either page 47 and beyond, or actually the removal of these sites altogether if extreme “SEO cheating” has been found.

Moving forward, the answer is this, pure and simple: Adding your own Content to your site on a regular basis is a must.

A truly great real estate agent website, like the HoopJumper Dominator, can make this task a breeze.

eileen-katrina-brandOne of our clients Katrina Eileen – Snohomish County Homefinder .com – jumped back into blogging for her real estate business after many years. She used to be on, but now uses the built-in Blogging system in her new HoopJumper Dominator website. Katrina now has her entire team blogging three times per week and in less than a month, she has reached the top 5 organic agent results on Page 1 for “Snohomish County Real Estate” out of almost 1.2 million results! And her team has never been busier.

Learn what my most successful clients have learned: When you go for it and turn your website into an ever-expanding information and news resource, you can achieve great heights!

If you need a all-in-one website that can help you become an online content superstar, check out the HoopJumper Dominator. Watch our short 14-minute video at and request a free no-obligation Marketing Makeover Consultation. If this isn’t the time to do it, when is?

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