Did you know there is a Revolution going on?

It’s called the “Responsive Revolution” and its happening… now!

According to a report commissioned by Morgan Stanley, in 2014 the tipping point will occur when for the first time, more people will be using the Internet on their mobile devices than on a desktop or laptop computer.

This means next year in 2014, if your site is not “responsive” – then you may be sending your prospective clients off to your competitor’s mobile responsive site.

We’ve created a one-page quick read report called the “The 9 Must Haves for a Responsive Real Estate Website” which explains exactly what to look for in a responsive real estate website that will work FOR you and not AGAINST you.
If you’d like a no-obligation consultation to look at your current website and discuss the options for getting a responsive real estate website to grow your business, Contact HoopJumper Today.