You have your database all set up. Your past clients, sphere, family and friends are all entered into your CRM. The task took a little time, but now it is done! You have your email marketing set up to go out on a weekly basis. Now what? Lead Generation. It is important to continue to do lead generating activities to continue to add to this pipeline. What is most effective?

Lead generating comes in two basic forms, Online and Offline. Some of these activities are free and others will involve fees ranging from minimal to substantial. Let’s start out talking a little about Online Lead Generation.

We have already talked about the most important aspect of all of your Lead Generation, the cornerstone of all of your Online and Offline Marketing, your Online ‘Storefront,’ your website.
Your website is the most important way for you to collect online leads. Your contact form should funnel your leads into your database and an auto responder should start as well as you need to be in contact with these new leads.

It is important to have some sort of a Lead Magnet on your website. The days where you could say “Sign up for my eNewsletter” and have that be effective for getting people to put their name and email address into a form and send it to you are long over. However, that Special Report of ‘The 9 Reasons Omaha, Nebraska is a Great Place to Raise a Family,’ or ‘Why Tampa, Florida is a Great Place to Buy Real Estate,” will get people looking to buy a home in these areas to fill out a form and give you their contact information, all because of a great lead magnet.

Other ideas for a great lead magnet include ‘Lists’ such as “The Top 10 Waterfront Properties under $250,000” or “5 Open Houses This Weekend You Don’t want to Miss!”

You can use the same Lead Magnets on Social Media. Just remember to always have the lead click back to your website, the Cornerstone of your Marketing, to fill out the contact form. The other things you have on your website that we mentioned earlier such as the Pop-up Chat Feature and Sticky Maps, will give you more opportunities to capture the lead than just using Social Media avenues alone.

You can also use your Personal Lead Websites, Lead Pages, or Landing Pages. What do I mean by that? These are one page websites that do not necessarily have your personal branding and navigation all over them like your personal website.

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