Sending weekly emails to your list is a great way to stay in communication with them so you stay top of mind. But who has time to create emails like this each week? What if there was a way this could be done automatically for you?

With any modern Real Estate Agent Website, you should have 3 easy ways of adding content to your website:

1) Regular Blogging using the WordPress “Post” system

2) Sending email to your own website using your Secret Virtual Blogging Assistant Email Address

3) Using an App on your smartphone like you would Facebook on your phone to send Photos to your Blog.

In addition to these “Posts” being automatically Broadcast to your Facebook and Twitter, your website should have a built-in email marketing system to automatically create a weekly digest of all your Blog Posts and email them as an eNewsletter.

That means that if you posted 3 beautiful photos of your area to your blog, a personal note about the summer market, and perhaps an Open House or Just Listed during the week, and a Weekend Events post, all of these would be included in the Weekly Enews that would be sent out automatically on a weekly basis.

This is how you will use your List to create a database that will become the genesis of the automated enewsletter program that will automatically compile your week’s worth of Blog posts and send them as a weekly newsletter and keep you top of mind with everyone you know as their Realtor of Choice.