If you’re using a cheap, templated or broker-supplied website and are not getting any hits, there are some reasons that this may be. Search the Internet yourself to find out which Realtors like you are ranked at the top in different cities. How many of them are using a templated company-supplied site? My guess is not many.

Internet buyers and smart consumers have become a tech-savvy group. They’ve seen every type of small business website imaginable. When they hit a site that’s obviously built on a boring template, they know it right away. Homebuyers searching the Internet have seen enough templated websites to know that such sites don’t offer the personal attention they’re looking for in your field, and their perception may be that these Agents don’t have an original spark in their body.

Your templated site isn’t generating any attention because it doesn’t add anything of value to customers’ lives. Having generic house photos on your site isn’t going to drive you more business.

How can you fulfill all of your prospective clients’ needs? What will you do that none of your competitors can or will do? It is necessary to answer all of these questions in your website and make them ask for more.

The best way to create such a place is with a personalized custom website that puts a human face on your business and doesn’t look like you used a cookie-cutter approach for your business.

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