On the Internet, what exactly is a “Landing” Page?

Simply put, a “Landing” page is a standalone webpage that has a specific intention to offer a product or service and to collect the needed information from the interested party so that you the Agent get their information and they get whatever was offered.

Often, a unique domain name is purchased just for that one page and that URL can be placed in your email signature as well as being an easy-to-remember website address to tell others about verbally.

So, what is needed to create an effective Landing Page? Let me outline the steps below:


A “Branded” site means that your name, logo and image are right there on the page just like on the rest of your website. This is much faster to create than a non-branded site because your website’s “theme” (if you are setup on a WordPress website) is already set and just the content needs to be added. In this instance, all of your website’s navigation is in place for the visitor to browse through

A non-branded or “Stealth” website means that your name, image and logo may not be on the page at all. Or it can be. Your choice. The main distinction is that no other navigation to the rest of your website is available. A Stealth webpage usually takes a little longer to program because of the custom nature of it.


The Headline is the big big line of bold text centered at the top of the web page. It should be very well written with keywords in it so that the search engines will note the “Headline” tag on it and give importance to those words. So you need to know what you want the Headline for each of your Landing pages to be.

3) URL

The URL (website address) can be almost identical to Headline (same words). You can “goose” the URL by adding the words to add helpful geographic SEO. An example would be if the Headline was “How much do homes in your neighborhood cost?” – so your URL with geographic words in it might be /how-much-do-homes-in-your-flagstaff-az-neighborhood-cost/ – Note how we added in “flagstaff-az” into the URL to make it more findable for anyone searching in the Flagstaff AZ area.


What is the specific text you want to be on the Landing Page? Think of this as an informational flyer you are handing out. Write out all the text in a Word document so that you can BOLD and ITALICIZE the text where you want it, then email this document to your webmaster.


Photos must have authorization to use. Many Agents think every image on the Internet is “free” to use and then they pull copyrighted photos from the web. We know of many true stories of clients who have done this and received a bill for over $2,000 for unauthorized use from the photographer or photo service’s attorney. Don’t let this happen to you. There are many inexpensive stock photo services where images can be anywhere from $1 to $5 each for a low resolution photo that will be perfectly good for web page use, as opposed to print use which requires a file 4x as large.


Video is the #1 most powerful tool you can use on your website. Especially if you have uploaded it to YouTube and have entered the transcription of the text into the YouTube Video Description area. (As well as a link to the page.) Once you have your video on YouTube, send the “Embed Code” to your webmaster so that they can place your video on your page.


The most important reason for your Landing Page is to collect the contact information from the person visiting it. Other than First Name, Last Name and Email address, what other information do you need? (TIP: Don’t ask for any more than you need or the person filling out the form may balk and not complete the process.)

Where do you want the FORM DATA to be emailed to? Just you? To you and an administrator?

Do you want something to be emailed to the person who fills it out? If so, is it ready to be attached to an email to send?


On the success “Thank You” page after somebody has successfully completed the form, you have an amazing opportunity to “continue the conversation” once somebody has made the decision to opt-in by filling in the blanks and hitting the submit button.

Do you want to have a link to download a report?

Do you want another marketing message with another video?


When you ask to have a Landing Page created for you, make sure you have already collected the information for the 8 points listed above, and you will be able to have your Landing Page created in record time.

Do YOU need a Landing Page created for YOU? HoopJumper is an expert at this. Contact us today and request a free consultation so that we can find out your needs.