If you have any original content or photos, they should always be posted to your own website first instead of bypassing your website to post directly into your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Even though an agent will get no personal SEO by posting content directly to their social profiles, most agents still do this even though this same content could be helping their own website and giving them higher placement.

Many real estate agents are not sure about what to post to their blogs and often their blogs have less than 2 posts per month instead of the recommended 3-5 posts per week. Yet they have no problem posting images and whimsical content to their Facebook page.

So why is that?

We think the issue is that there is a perception that your blog needs to be a place where only well-written articles and long term-paper type works of literature are written.

In other words:

> Facebook = Easy

> Blog = Difficult

This is not a good perception because it keeps Agents like you from adding content to their own Blog which then keeps them from being recognized as a consistent content provider by Google and the other search engines. Since content creation is now their most important criteria for giving good placement on their search engine, I would say this is an important point to understand.

Question: What if posting to your Blog was easy? And what if your Blog would automatically then broadcast that post to your Facebook and Twitter? You’d be killing two birds with one stone. And you’d be doing the right thing to make your website more attractive to Mr. Google.

Still, it would have to be easy, right?

So what would you post? The truth is, what your website needs is a big dose of “local” from you. Lots of photos of EVERYTHING around town, and the adjacent communities. And not all at once… just one-at-a-time AS you see the opportunity right from your smartphone.

And those other posts should be posted to your website and THEN automatically re-posted to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. (We call this “broadcasting.”)

Facebook’s War on Boring:

Do you realize that if nobody ever “Likes” or Shares” your Facebook posts that you will simply stop appearing on their Facebook News Feed? That’s because Facebook doesn’t want you to be bored and stop using their service. If people never respond to your posts, never like them, never share them, never comment to them, then it must be because you are BORING.

That’s why posting photos and videos is so important!

At HoopJumper, the way we set you up to do this is to email your Secret Virtual Blogging Assistant (that you don’t pay)… this is a system where you just email your photo to your secret email address along with a good subject line and a caption underneath. And make sure you always ask people to “Like” or “Share” your photo if they like it.

Or use an easy App we will direct you to put on your smartphone so that you can use it just like you would use the Facebook app, and then easily post those photos and captions to your own website which then will automatically post the same content to your Facebook and Twitter profiles.

It’s easy to do… but it’s also easy NOT to do. We have easy instructions to help you do this very important task a few times a week. It’s important and it will really help you and your business online.

Are YOU interested in finally breaking through with a full internet marketing system that will integrate a world-class responsive website with all of your custom branded social media profiles, and give you the tools to easily post to your website and social media as easy as going directly to Facebook?

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