Facebook Marketing for Realtors

Facebook Marketing: Myths

  •  No one will see your posts
  •  Facebook doesn’t work for my business
  •  People don’t buy on Facebook
  •  Facebook takes up too much time

Facebook Marketing: Winning?

  • Success has to be defined so that you know what you’re shooting for.
  • A Facebook marketing campaign is successful if it leads to sales. Period. My goal on Facebook is to make money.
  • Don’t use other metrics to determine success. Those metrics will rise as you execute a successful Facebook marketing campaign that brings in buyers.
  • If I do not make money, my Facebook marketing campaign failed

Facebook Marketing: Mistakes

  • I like to “sprinkle in” fun posts with all my boring posts. Do not be boring
  • Do not keep posting ads
  • Forgetting to add contact info on your page
  • Using your personal profile as your business page

Interesting Facts

  • Your fans do not want you to sell to them; but they do want to learn about what you do
  • Do not make these posts “sales-y”
  • Educate your customers so that they can refer people to you
  • If possible, use videos. Videos of you explaining these facts are a great way to connect with your audience


  • When asked about Facebook marketing, Marilyn Monroe said “Make a girl laugh and you can make a girl do anything”
  • Funny photos get the “Likes”
  • You don’t want every post to be about your business; but if you can make fun of yourself it’s a great way to get people to talk about you


  • Contests are a great way to engage your audience – and expand your audience!


  1. “Comment to win”
  2. Caption contest
  3. Fill-in-the-blank contest
  4. Photo contest
  5. Refer a Friend


  • If you want word of mouth referrals; sometimes you have to create them
  • Use a fan to sing your praises
  • Post a photo with their testimonial
  • Tag them in the photo!

Advice / how to posts

  •  When you GIVE to your audience, they will give back!
  •  Posting a how-to on how to do a simple task accomplishes     a lot:
    •  It establishes you as an authority figure
    •  You are demonstrating that you are willing to help and not just sell
    •  Any value you give, will come back to you over time
  •  Use a video, if possible – they get great views and responses

Local news

  • Posts about local news tie you into your community
  • Local news stories inspire conversations
  • Local news stories are not “spammy” or “sales-y”
  • Your market loves talking about their home
  • Keep it positive – no politics

Facebook Marketing: Overview

  • Your goal is to build your business on Facebook by building your lead base and creating referrals
  • A Facebook page that does not create monetary return is an expense and a time waste. A Facebook page should be an investment
  • Create engagement = create sales
  • Use the power of “ASK” to get what you want. If people don’t know what you want, then how can they help you?