Now that you have a blog, the question is “How do I get people to read my posts?”

Unless you have viral content, the chances of people seeing your blog would be close to zero. That’s where Backlink Profiles come in.

A Backlink Profile is simply connecting your site to another site. It can also be a connection between pages on your site. For example, when someone shares your blog post, then that immediately counts as a backlink.

Initiating the Engagement

Don’t expect people to just immediately fall in love with your content. If you’re starting out, you’d have to earn your popularity. So while waiting for your followers, create your own backlink by posting to high authority social media sites.

Creating Social Media Accounts

Google Plus

Start by creating different profile pages for you and your team. Complete your profile to determine that you’re a real person and not just an automated persona. Share a link to your blog posts with a good description of what it’s all about.

Google Places

Add your local business to Google’s Directory. Make sure to create a different listing for every office. This is a powerful way to improve your business’ visibility in search engines. Use geo-targeted keywords in the profile and description fields.


You may not be too hyped about checking in, but adding your business to Foursquare can still earn you major SEO points.


Create a business profile for you and every member of your team. Earning good feedback for your skills can be beneficial for your reputation.


Google is now big on Yelp, especially when it comes to reviews from previous clients. Adding your business to Yelp’s directory can help you become more visible, especially when you have a highly credible reputation.

Get Help

Online reputation management can be very tricky. You want to make sure that you have your best foot forward. Ask HoopJumper for a FREE Profile Analysis to see if there has been any negative comments about your team circulating in the web. Or if you’re currently dealing with bad search results, get in touch with us immediately so we can discuss your available options.