Are you dominating in your market area?  To compete with big industry players, individual realtors have discovered the power of Local SEO.

How To Establish Yourself?

According to Google’s research, most users use Keywords that add the Local name of an area to the words ‘Real Estate’. But for us to be able to stay ahead of the game, we have to do better than just rank for the norm. Instead, post more valuable information about your area.

Here are a bunch of things you can talk about:

  • Introduction or Overview of Area
  • Local Events
  • Demographics, Climate, Employment Opportunities
  • Tourist Spots and Recreational Activities
  • Schools, Churches, Hospitals
  • Awards and Recognitions

This will help you gain more area authority and search engine placement.

Use a Single Domain Name

This is where hiring a good Website Builder comes in. Managing multiple areas may give you the idea of creating several websites. But really, when it comes to better SEO and Branding, putting it all in one site is the ideal. All you need to do is create a page for every local area that you target.

Define Your Area

If you have a broad area, then try to geo-target according to cities, towns, communities. You may even be more specific by focusing more on neighborhoods, communities and subdivisions. The idea is to be more direct with your location. This way, it will be much easier for qualified clients to navigate through your site. And chances are, these clients are already decided on buying a house in a specific neighborhood. The more refined your information is, the more likely they’ll choose you.

Conduct a SEO Audit

Traditional SEO is different from Local SEO. Constantly checking your site’s local ranking position can help you identify the areas that need improvement. You may be in high placement for Tokyo, Japan but that won’t get you anywhere since you’re located in Minnesota. Schedule a FREE Consultation with us if you think your site isn’t doing well in your desired location.