Realtors ask me all the time, “Why don’t I have enough traffic?” or “Why am I not ranking high enough in search engines?” And although I wish there’s an automated approach to all of this, my solution remains simple and clear: GET YOURSELF A BLOG!

The Advantages of Blogging

More Traffic

Google loves content. As a search engine, Google simply wants to deliver high quality information to its users. So it would be a no-brainer that they’d be ranking your site according to the quality of content you bring.

Build Authority

You don’t need to write long write ups, but create content that’s engaging enough for your qualified audience. Blogging isn’t just about earning page ranking, but it’s also about building trust with followers.

Better SEO rankings

If you create a blog, then you wouldn’t have to link to other sites to provide information about your local area. Instead of linking to your city’s official website that displays crime rates, etc., why not talk about all the good stuff in your blog? That way, you’ll also be able to improve your on-page SEO efforts.

What to Blog About?

Most realtors shy away from blogging because they have absolutely no idea what to blog about. Well, here are a few things that every real estate agent should be talking about.

Useful Information

Write about the things that your potential audience may need. People search daily for answers in the web. Try to be someone who can provide a solution. Talk about things like short sales, FSBOs, how to’s, guides, etc.

Area Information

Build your reputation as an expert of your area. Be that guy or gal people go to regarding the great things about your city. Blog about events, festivals and recreational activities about your place. Choose your news story. Your blog should reflect the positive things in your neighborhood.

Products and Services

Tell people what you offer by blogging about real estate products and services. Keep in mind the points I mentioned about geo-targeting. When it comes to mentioning about real estate, you want to make sure you’re ranking for the right area.


Here’s a great opportunity to provide people with detailed information about your listings. Create a lengthy blog post outlining this. Don’t try to aim for perfection, but at least try to aim for usefulness.

Always aim for high quality content. If you think what you’ve produced will not be useful to readers, then don’t hit that PUBLISH button.